Co-Op Mutation #335: Inner Power

Energies radiating from the temple have empowered Amon’s army. They descend upon your forces with newfound powers. Even upon death, they are able to summon creatures that charge into your base. Ensure that the temple finishes charging in order to eliminate the invaders.

Alien Incubation - All enemy units spawn Broodlings upon death.
Power Overwhelming - All enemy units have energy and use random abilities.


Video Replays on Brutal difficulty:

Player 1                                   Player 2
[CtG Network Administrator] Dehakaburger Solarite Celestial
[CtG Chaotic Power Couple] [Twotuuu Mother of Constructs]
[CtG Primal Pack Leader] [Dr Lila Renegade Commander]
[CtG Heavy Weapons Specialist] CLassic Desolate Queen

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  • Abilities used by the enemy include Abduct, Black Hole, Defensive Matrix, Disabling Cloud, Disruption Web, Force Field, Fungal Growth, Guardian Shield, Graviton Beam, [Hybrid Structure Disable Thing], Irradiate, Parasitic Bomb, Point Defense Drone, Psionic Orb, Psionic Storm, Seeker Missile, Snipe, Time Warp.
  • There is no means to determine what spells each enemy unit has until they actually use it.
  • Dehaka does not get the psionic buff from devouring units, even though everyone s a spellcaster. The unit tag still takes precedence
  • The number of broodlings spawned depends on the supply count of the unit killed.
  • Terran and Protoss buildings do not spawn broodlings when killed.
  • Units are able to use their spells through time stop.

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Mutation overlap 149 this week 2nd
1st clear Mengsk P3+Nova P2
Mutation (Inner Power) play list

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#149 Inner Power – SOLO ALL CLEAR

Mutators: Alien Incubation, Power Overwhelming

Broodlings everywhere! And they all cast spells! Fortunately, buildings are pretty resilient to Power Overwhelming, so use lots of those. If you can’t rely on buildings, try to kill the broodlings as quickly as possible with AOE.

Put static D near your bases to catch stray broodlings.

Successes [and key points]

Breeze (easy)

Abathur (p2) #149: Inner Power - Abathur Solo (p2) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [swarm hosts]

Abathur (p3) #149: Inner Power - Abathur Solo (p3) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [10 brutalisks are better than 3]

Dehaka (p1) #149: Inner Power - Dehaka Solo (p1) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [tyrannozors]

Fenix (p2) #149: Inner Power - Fenix Solo (p2) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [the usual]

Karax (p3) [Temple 3000 HP] #149: Inner Power - Karax Solo (p3) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [the usual]

Mengsk (p3) #149: Inner Power - Mengsk Solo (p3) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [the usual]

Stetmann (p2) #149: Inner Power - Stetmann Solo (p2) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [lurkers and ultras]

Stukov (p3) #149: Inner Power - Stukov Solo (p3) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [add tanks]

Swann (p2) #149: Inner Power - Swann Solo (p2) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [the usual]

Tychus (p2) #149: Inner Power - Tychus Solo (p2) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [the usual]

Zeratul (p2) #149: Inner Power - Zeratul Solo (p2) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [cannons]

Challenge (medium)

Kerrigan (p1) #149: Inner Power - Kerrigan Solo (p1) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [easy vs terran ground, not so easy vs others]

Nova (p1) #149: Inner Power - Nova Solo (p1) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [the usual; kinda difficult vs air]

Vorazun (p3) #149: Inner Power - Vorazun Solo (p3) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [dark pylon wall; pdd slows down cannons killing the broodlings]

Zagara (p3) #149: Inner Power - Zagara Solo (p3) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [good bile launcher usage required]

Torture (difficult)

Artanis (p1) #149: Inner Power - Artanis Solo (p1) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [storm all the things]

Alarak (p3) #149: Inner Power - Alarak Solo (p3) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [good spacing required]

HH (p2) #149: Inner Power - Han and Horner Solo (p2) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [BCs and hellbats]

Raynor (p2) [Commentary] #149: Inner Power - Raynor Solo (p2) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [vultures, bunkers, and turrets]

Questions about any of these runs are welcome.


got my entire worker line annihilated by a stray broodling that spammed Seeker Missiles.


Annoying. Just. Annoying.

Thought i’d hop in too and try a run. It’s a mostly unit mutator with lots of spell spam, storms, unit slowing time zones, time warps (vorazun style), viper kidnaps, as well as a massive amount of flood of banelings popping out of every unit you kill.

It wasn’t too bad compared to something like concussion or heros from the storm, but it definitely is one of those missions where having a good ally or missing a stronger one can be felt.

I rolled a lvl 8 p2 turret swann as a ally, who turtled up his base but the lack of pushing or army pressence could be really felt lategame when the void thrashers were ramping up and the lack of pushing presence from 2 void thrashers and 4 attack waves could really be felt.

Most commanders can often defend 1-2 points fine and 3 points with some stretching, but it was noticably adding a lot of strain having to defend so many points while also having a main army semi chain time warped with the semi swarming/ravager comp we rolled.

Thankfully the ai doesn’t tend to have the smartest brain for attrition and stuff like chain fire blaze could easily set entire comps ablaze, but whenever he was stunned or vorazun time warped by a enemy (and the swarmling comp spammed it quite often and did hell tons of damage very quickly).

I could feel a lot of attrition and pressure just from my ally just literally never pushing the entire game. Sure they defended their base fine, and deployed vespene drones so there was some extra gas.

But they were a underleveled turtling swann at times we were having 4 bases attacked at once, with waves noticably slowly building up just about 20-30% than we could clear them. At some point, the drill was contributing 5x more to their damage than their entire (semi nonexistant) army.

Which seems a shame since it seemed like siege tanks for the swarms and armored zerg tags and void thrasher attacks could have been really handy here. But we still ended up beating it.

Probably wasn’t the best game, but i opened up the menu and it looked like last brutation they were only 1/5th of their allie’s kills, so they could have played worse, i guess.

If your ally is any decent and not leveling up a lvl 4 it seemed like it would have been a pretty tame and easy mutation with just 1-2 ally pushes or attacks though.

Aside from the time warp spam and random abducts, although the ai has some dangerous abilities, it seems to tend to use them with almost 0 coordination. So you might be abducted to a area nothing is, or you might be time warped to a army after you’ve already defeated it.

It does seem to be a mutator that would greatly reward strong aoe and early game defenses and i saw someone who was farming it 7 games in a row on dehaka who seemed to be having a good time. It’s not too bad, but as always with most defensive maps,

It’s usually always a lot easier to have a good ally who pushes a little to handle 1-2 points, as if you get behind or have a ally who pushes 0 bases or absolutely afks at some points, you can run into a situation where you need to defend 3-4 points at once while you’re also taking time to clean up, and it can add stress but the mission still completed fine.

You just might have a easy time with a good commander and a strenuous time with a non pushing/afk ally commander, but that’s most mutations anyways.

P2 Zaratul with my regular mutation partner playing Mengsk P3 against Zerg Ravaging Infestation.

Winged it with towers and decided to add Shieldguards at some point with the excess gas. Not very experienced with Zaratuls cannon strategies hence the decision to play it. Should really learn the Artifact cage locations.

My team mate was struggling to max out but after a suggestion to build some ESOs the game got much easier.

I think Swann would be the MVP this week with towers with splash to clear out the Broodlings as Zaratuls towers struggle somewhat.

P1 Zagara (me) + p0 Karax (not me)

Pure offense + pure defense is always a good combo)

I had 150/150 limit only for like 5 minutes of all) But it was fun)

With this mission, one trick is to engage void thrashers at close enough range that it triggers them to do their circular AoE lightning attacks. That ceases their long range bombardment, buying you time to run out the mission’s timer.

I had a case like this a long time ago (before the prestige system)… I was Artanis, ally was Swann. My ally was full defense, so I had to do all the pushing. Last leg, I was able to kill one of the void Thrashers with Solar Bombardment, but couldn’t kill the other one. I was able to run units near it to keep the temple alive that much longer.

This also works with the void thrashers on VT, but that’ll only get you so far since you do need to actually destroy them as your main objectives.