Co-Op Mutation #334: Radiation Zone

Your foes have deployed biochemical weapons, and they are infecting the people of Augstgrad. Emperor Mengsk has given the order to activate the nuclear arsenal and clean out the infected areas. Your task force was deployed to clean out the Void Shards that the enemy is using to spread the virus. Be careful however, as the Emperor’s warheads are still dropping all around the area.

Black Death - Some enemy units carry a plague that deals damage over time and spreads to other nearby units. The plague spreads to your units when the enemy unit is killed.
Going Nuclear - Nukes are launched at random throughout the map.
Outbreak - Enemy Infested Terrans spawn continuously around the map.


Video Replays on Brutal difficulty:

Player 1                                   Player 2
[CtG Toxic Tyrant] Ancalagon Plague Warden
[CtG Keeper of Shadows] [Twotuuu Wing Commanders]
[CtG Essence Hoarder] [Nostrebor Solarite Celestial]
[CtG Best Buddy] 모모 Merchant of Death

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  • Any enemy unit has 33% to carry black death.
  • Players units that carry this plague will lose 2% of their max HP per second until they die.
  • When any infected unit dies [player’s or Amon’s], it will spread to 3 random players’ units within 5 range.
  • The warning spot for Going Nuclear is the large targeting area. However, you only have 5 Blizzard seconds of warning before the nuke hits.
  • Outbreak spawns Infested Terrans, Infested Medics, Infested Marines later, and later Aberrations from any enemy building.
  • Aberrations spawn starting 20 minutes. These are tough to hold continuously.
  • The first set of Infested Terrans arrive around 2:30 into the game.

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Here comes Scourge Queen Zagara.

With that description, we could expect the nukes to affect Amon army.
Is it the case?
This reporter can only guess…no!


Mutation overlap 148 this week 2nd
1st clear Nova P3+Tychus P1
Mutation (Distant Threat) play list

#148 Radiation Zone – SOLO ALL CLEAR

Mutators: Going Nuclear, Outbreak, Black Death

Black death is annoying because army-based (unit-based) commanders suffer. Remember that its infection range is 5, so units with 6+ range can kite. Make static defense at each base to stop the outbreak trickles without getting infected.

Outbreak is mild until the 20 minute mark, and by then you should be attacking the last set of shards. You should have your anti-aberration defenses ready well before the 20 minute mark so you can focus on offense.

Going Nuclear makes offense rough. The top middle airspace won’t get nuked, so keep your air units there while you’re looking back at your base. Clear the enemies near shards using calldowns and then use air units to finish off the shards.

Successes [and key points]

Breeze (easy)

Dehaka (p2) #148: Radiation Zone - Dehaka Solo (p2) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [the usual creeper host sniping, but gotta baby-sit them on the way to the fourth set and while they’re on ESO island]

Mengsk (p1) #148: Radiation Zone - Mengsk Solo (p1) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [ESOs from left nat and main; contaminated strike the last base 15-20 times, then drop bunkers]

Nova (p3) #148: Radiation Zone - Nova Solo (p3) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [nova clears enemies near shards; liberators hit shards; defend with turrets and tanks]

Karax (p3) #148: Radiation Zone - Karax Solo (p3) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [mirages attack shards]

Stukov (p3) #148: Radiation Zone - Stukov Solo (p3) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [need banshees for the fourth set of shards]

Swann (p2) #148: Radiation Zone - Swann Solo (p2) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [calldowns clear enemies near shards, then herc tank on shards]

Zagara (p1) #148: Radiation Zone - Zagara Solo (p1) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [spend surplus silver on spines; scourge snipe shards]

Zeratul (p2) #148: Radiation Zone - Zeratul Solo (p2) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [cannons]

Challenge (medium)

Abathur (p1) #148: Radiation Zone - Abathur Solo (p1) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [slow early game, but very easy after you get 5 max biomass devourers/mutas]

Artanis (p3) #148: Radiation Zone - Artanis Solo (p3) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [unbound fanatics on waves, tempests on offense]

Raynor (p3) #148: Radiation Zone - Raynor Solo (p3) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [bunker defense; BC offense (hyperion and dusk wings clear nearby enemies first)]

Stetmann (p2) #148: Radiation Zone - Stetmann Solo (p2) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [infestors; probably easier if you just use lings]

Tychus (p2) #148: Radiation Zone - Tychus Solo (p2) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [sam and odin on offense, turret + Sirius/Nux defense]

Torture (difficult)

Alarak (p3) #148: Radiation Zone - Alarak Solo (p3) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [warp prism overcharge + mothership clears enemies near shards; destroyers finish shards; alarak defends at home with wrathwalkers]

Fenix (p1) #148: Radiation Zone - Fenix Solo (p1) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [clears enemies near shards with Fenix suits; carriers and scouts target the shards, then run immediately after]

HH (p3) #148: Radiation Zone - Han and Horner Solo (p3) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [manually move 2-3 hellbats forward to fight infested then let them die; strike fighters on waves and shards; a few BCs for more dps on shards]

Kerrigan (p3) [Commentary] #148: Radiation Zone - Kerrigan Solo (p3) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [kerrigan clears bases with immo wave (can’t use them on attack waves; gotta fight them with just Kerrigan + static D); hydras focus down shards (can’t let them get infected); 4-5 queens at home for heals]

Vorazun (p3) #148: Radiation Zone - Vorazun Solo (p3) [Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation] - YouTube [good luck. forward nexuses to prevent respawned units from killing mineral line; dark pylon wall vs infested; time stop + oracle/shadow guard snipe shards]

Least stressful: Mengsk

Not recommended: anyone in the torture section

Questions about any of these runs are welcome.


Hello, that’s impressive. About Fenix, wouldn’t P2 with a simple Talis/Kaldalis/Mojo comp be easier?

I tried p2 first. Going from front door results in shells or champs getting nuked. Takes too long for replacements to get to the place of action. Teleporting with arbiter uses too much energy.

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Pro tips:

  1. Try to roll terran enemy because they don’t have any melee units which reduces spread of the plague.
  2. Swarm hosts ( :heart:Dehaka :heart:, :heart:Abathur P2 :heart:) should work nicely as long as they don’t get plagued or nuked. :muscle:
  3. Don’t forget about static defense at home to protect you from infested terrans.

I am not sure what would be the point of having a map completely clear by the 2 minute mark if nukes affected the enemy.

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Nukes for thee, catastrophic damage not for meee!

I need to stop hard countering mutators. I should be spoiling the fun for myself. It was pretty fun spoiling the fun this time though.

Went for P2 H&H with a friend who played Karax. He built some static defence to deal with the infested, I got Strike Fighters and we barely left base. I did similar stuff to what TwoTuuu mentioned – Strike Fighters for the Shards, Hellbat groups as back-up against infested (didn’t need them due to Karax, but had money and there wasn’t anything else to do), and built up a Sovereign fleet for speeding up the last base. Top bars can handle the attack waves fine.

I tried to solo it with P1 H&H first, but I wasn’t focused enough on Strike Fighter usage and ran out of time on the third base (by literally 1 sec). Also my one base defence (a wall-off with Galleons behind) on that try started to crumple, to no-one’s surprise, when Aberrations showed up, and on one base I didn’t have the money to get a Sovereign fleet for the final push anyway.

TwoTuuu’s P3 H&H solo is really good. Watch it!

  1. Send units near the enemy to ensure nukes will fall on him
  2. Play a version of Assets\Sounds\pCutscene_RohanaUlnar03_Amon_016_02_poke.ogg that you recorded with your own voice (or find a similar symbolically equivalent action)
  3. Enjoy the enemy getting nuked
  4. Continue or find another unusual way to have fun :partying_face:

Got paired up with P1 Kerrigan as P3 Stukov. Never knew that the enhanced regen on creep could offset the black plague damage for the infested.

We should rename Vorazun’s Blackhole to your name… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I have no idea what you mean or your intent, whether you’re trying to give my name to a calldown or to a blackhole, I don’t even have a hint where to start to understand.

Regarding the fact I suggest to send units to lure nukes, since it seems to be related to your reaction, it’s based on the assumption it may be easier to allow mutators nuclear explosions to affect Amon army, than changing its targeting logic.
Reminder: it requires at least 1 player unit within a distance of 50 of a point randomly picked to use this point as the target. That may be hard to change through an exception rule.

By the way, I don’t remember “Going Nuclear” having an exception rule to not target an area having a resource within a distance of 15 before. Is it just my memory or part of recent changes?

You always show new ways to demonstrate your lack of mutator knowledge. Maybe go and play some more B+1?

Going Nuclear nukes only drop within a certain range of player units so if nukes affected Amon (which was implied by the above poster and then expanded upon though nobody is taking this seriously except you) then the map wouldn’t be clear by 2 minutes unless both players sent out workers to bait nukes to be dropped on enemy forces.

Even Undead knows this and he plays Normal :sweat_smile:.

Edit: incidentally, to provide some actually useful information, when playing against Going Nuclear the more of the map that you can have units present the less Nukes will fall on your army. Stukov can manage this quite easily with Bunkers in as many different safe locations as possible. Kerrigan can spawn Omegas everywhere. Stettman can aggressively spread Stettelites. Toxic Nests and Creep Tumours can somewhat work.

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And yet, you seem to show your wealth of knowledge by demonstrating it so well. 50 Range is the default range of EO (just for reference). It would destroy any enemy and objective long before you even need to bait with workers/units. At a damage rate of 750 (950 structure) every 2 second. (with max nuke radius at 8 dealing 1/4 of that damage)

Please inform me with your massive knowledge what would survive that?

But hey, I get it. You want to justify how smart this idea is with your wealth of knowledge. Good for you :+1: . (If nothing else, I’d say regarding this specific issue, you and Undead are just trolling).

Or oh wait, I get it. This is the mythical anti-Amon mutator we’ve heard so much about, where the player gains infinite nukes launched faster than EOs at Amon for all COs. Yeah, definitely a SOLID TEN idea :wink:


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Here let me try to explain this using simple words for you.

The OP post includes a line implying that Mengsk has deployed the Nuclear Arsenal to clear the infected which could suggest that the Nukes should affect enemy forces as well (or equally it could suggest that Mengsk is killing the player units to recent them spreading the Black Death because, you know, Mengsk).

Then, Undead made this comment as a JOKE:

At this point Ancalqgon clearly didn’t get the JOKE:

Then Undead continues the JOKE:

At which point you make some silly comments because you never actually play Mutations and like to involve yourself in conversations about them even though you have no idea.

50 range is the same range as a unupgraded ESO so yes you would need to send workers out on the map to clear the enemy bases in this hypothetical world where the nukes affected the enemy.

One more time, this a hypothetical joke map based on CtGs original comment and nobody but you is taking this seriously!

Edit: maybe you can contribute something useful to this conversation Fear and tell me why sometimes my quotes quote correctly and othertimes not.


Seems like it… nobody but me… mmm yes. Please write another 2000 word post to show everyone how you’re taking no offensive to a convo that had nothing to do with you :slight_smile: .

What’s most apparent is you’re taking yet another unnecessary jab at me. Stop trolling, alright?

Btw Capitaine, did it ever occur to you that maybe Anc got the joke but that he’s suggesting the joke/idea was in poor taste because of how stupid the whole concept was? Not that I’m suggesting that IS the case… Or is it only you who get to understand and interpret the sub context for everyone?

Anyway, what’s most ridiculous of it all is this:

  • Even when I jabbed with Blackhole or later explained to Undead, it was intended to clear the air. That is of course until you butted in… as always… just to continue some personal issue you continue to exhibit with me without any provocation.

Imma just bow out of this. Concede any wrong doing apparently so horrible. I apologize to anyone who took offence lol.

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Funny how often you project upon someone else exactly the thing that you are guilty of doing. You are the one that butted in. Why call someone a Black Hole?

Then you further expanded on it by doubling down with further nonsense and when you’re called out on it you get defensive.

I don’t have a grudge against you Fear it’s just that I won’t hesitate to call you (or anyone else) out when spouting nonsense though I always do my best to stick to the facts, keep the tone civil and not get personal. I wish I could say the same about you!