Co-Op Mutation #332: Specter of Death

Energies from the birthing hybrid open channels into the void that summon agents that revive your fallen enemies. To improve their chances of survival, Moebuis Corps has activated the cloaking generator that renders their whole army invisible. Stay vigilant to keep your base alive.

Void Reanimators - Void Reanimators wander the battlefield, bringing your enemies back to life.
We Move Unseen - All enemy units are permanently cloaked.


Video Replays on Brutal difficulty:

Player 1                                   Player 2
[CtG Tunneling Horror] [Baumanmarketing Folly of Man]
[CtG Solarite Celestial] Piky Devouring One
[CtG Soldier of Fortune] [Nostrebor Heavy Weapons Specialist]
[CtG Knowledge Seeker] 동해 콜택시 Frightful Fleshwelder

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  • A [Void Reanimator] is a ground unit that walks around the map and instantly revives a single random unit every few seconds.
  • The Void Reanimator has 200HP and 200 shields, runs around without any minimap indicator, and cares not whether you killed an enemy a minute or an hour ago. He will revive it.
  • If at any point in the game, you get a seemingly endless stream of enemies, try searching up their attack path. There are probably 2-3 Void Reanimators there.
  • Void Reanimators spawn from enemy buildings. Once all enemy buildings are cleared, the reanimators will stop spawning.
  • Part boxes are NOT cloaked.
  • The first enemy wave [4:00] is cloaked.
  • Void Reanimators are cloaked.

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#146 Specter of Death – SOLO ALL CLEAR

Mutators: Void Reanimators, We Move Unseen

General rule: fight near your expo or main. That way, when reanimators come, you can easily see them and pick them off. There’s no need to fear the reanimators, though. They revive enemies one at a time, so if you can deal with a constant trickle of units, you shouldn’t have to worry about being overrun. However, if your units/defenses don’t do enough damage to handle the trickles, prepare to suffer some losses.

Consider using a “movable defense”. That is, after killing an attack wave (as close to your main’s buildings as possible), you move your defense (static D, etc.) forward a bit so that your units are on top of the attack wave’s corpses. That way, when a reanimator comes, it has to get close to your stuff before it can do anything. You can probably do this 2-3 times before you reach the low ground, and at that point, you can continue doing this if you want, or you can just buff the defenses at the top of the ramp. It’s a bit more work, but makes taking care of reanimators a bit easier.

(See Abathur, Dehaka, Swann, Tychus, Zagara for examples.)

You CAN full clear this map, but you’ll probably finish the mission before then. If you have a reliable ally, this is more doable. Reanimators can spawn from the parts, so make sure you kill the ones near your main.

Map knowledge is SUPER important this week. If you choose to defend at home, you don’t want to kill any units that have longer range than your cannons, etc. (broodlords, carriers, tanks, colossi). Know where these units are on the map and avoid killing them until later, or move your defense forward when you kill them near your base. In most cases, you can clear the entire bottom right corner without worrying about those enemies respawning because reanimators will most likely head towards the natural.

Units you mind control/steal won’t get revived, so use these abilities on dangerous units.

Defend at home (one base)

Dehaka (p2) Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation #146: Specter of Death - Dehaka Solo (p2) [=Brutal+2] - YouTube [3-4 lurkers and 3-4 creeper hosts at each entrance, then mass mutas (otherwise you won’t have enough dps to kill the final hybrid boss]

Stetmann (p2) Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation #146: Specter of Death - Stetmann Solo (p2) [=Brutal+2] - YouTube [lurker + static D; gary collects parts]

Swann (p2) [Commentary] Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation #146: Specter of Death - Swann Solo (p2) [=Brutal+2] - YouTube [heavy static D; use hercs to give the laser vision to collect parts]

Vorazun (p3) Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation #146: Specter of Death - Vorazun Solo (p3) [=Brutal+2] - YouTube [sneak early gas vs protoss/terran; if you use a TS to collect parts, don’t kill anything in that area]

Zeratul (p2) Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation #146: Specter of Death - Zeratul Solo (p2) [=Brutal+2] - YouTube [cannons are good]

Defend at home (both bases)

Abathur (p0) Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation #146: Specter of Death - Abathur Solo (p0) [=Brutal+2] - YouTube [brutas deep tunnel to reanimators; forward push spine/spore defense as needed; mass muta army]

Alarak (p3) Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation #146: Specter of Death - Alarak Solo (p3) [=Brutal+2] - YouTube [can’t use f2a; mothership goes out and collects parts, then teleports home]

Fenix (p0) Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation #146: Specter of Death - Fenix Solo (p0) [=Brutal+2] - YouTube [Fenix suits can take care of reanimators when you’re out of position]

Mengsk (p3) Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation #146: Specter of Death - Mengsk Solo (p3) [=Brutal+2] - YouTube [ESOs are not recommended]

Nova (p1) [Commentary] Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation #146: Specter of Death - Nova Solo (p1) [=Brutal+2] - YouTube [need a pair of cloaked banshees to collect parts]

Stukov (p1) Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation #146: Specter of Death - Stukov Solo (p1) [=Brutal+2] - YouTube [mostly diamondbacks; I probably should’ve made more tanks]

Tychus (p2) [Commentary] Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation #146: Specter of Death - Tychus Solo (p2) [=Brutal+2] - YouTube [tychus collects parts while getting hit; other outlaws defend]

Zagara (p3) Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation #146: Specter of Death - Zagara Solo (p3) [=Brutal+2] - YouTube [a few bile launchers at each base; you can use roach drop to collect some parts without killing anything]

Defend key spots outside

Artanis (p3) Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation #146: Specter of Death - Artanis Solo (p3) [=Brutal+2] - YouTube [a few cannons + dragoons in key areas]

Karax (p3) Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation #146: Specter of Death - Karax Solo (p3) [=Brutal+2] - YouTube [mass cannons in key areas]

Kerrigan (p2) Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation #146: Specter of Death - Kerrigan Solo (p2) [=Brutal+2] - YouTube [omega wurms everywhere]

Cheese (zoo)

HH (p2) Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation #146: Specter of Death - Han and Horner Solo (p2) [=Brutal+2] (Cheese) - YouTube [easy once the zoo is done; difficult to even get the zoo started]

Raynor (p3) Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation #146: Specter of Death - Raynor Solo (p3) [=Brutal+2] (Cheese) - YouTube [easy once the zoo is done; difficult to even get the zoo started]

Least stressful: Zeratul

Not recommended: HH, Raynor

Easiest against random AI: Zeratul

Questions about any of these runs are welcome.

PS: I’ll be doing the #shorts for each week from now on, so if you want to theorycraft some game plans before the next week’s mutations, you can check them out. They’ll be uploaded sometime during the weekend.


Mutation overlap 146 this week 2nd

1st clear Mengsk P3+Artanis

Mutation (Specter of Death) play list

Perfect mutation to give Kerrigan S tier. C/D tier if someone is dumb enough to use P1.

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Zagara p3 + Tychus p2
Pretty easy mutation, if an ally is good
Most of the mission I was on hunt for reanimators) The rest was base sieging and wave killing, while my ally protected bases and collected parts)

Almost sure, that p1 Karax could be much easier, but I wanted to play Zagara)

Did it twice out of 3 times so far.

The one failure was thanks to this -200 IQ Artanis who aggroed the enemy with Unbound Fanatics before he built a single detector (or even a Warp Gate). Didnt even make it to 3 minutes in game time.

Another week of 12workers mutation on 1st try. Random’d Abby so perhaps some luck there. Although it was Swarmy and replacing overseers is a pain in the bum.

Didn’t seem too hard so went with Vorazun P2. Made an invisible wall off at my base entrance and had up to 3 Reanimators raising Zerglings to instantly die which provided a good distraction for quite a while but eventually some Ravagers turned up and Biled down my Dark Pylon.

My was a P2 Zaratul iirc and went mass Void Templar which I suppose works as Reanimated units tend to lack detection. He also built stalkers to deal with the zerg air (immortals might have been better except for the tendency to spread the corpses out).

We missed the first train as P2 has pretty atrocious early DPS unless going straight into DTs and my ally was elsewhere but the rest of the map was pretty smooth.

First attempt I took P3 Zera with P1 Karax. My ally setup defenses at our mains and expos so that we didn’t have to worry about the Reanimators, and he did a good job of it. I did all the attacking.

Unfortunately, the Sky Terran ripped me apart. Between Yamatos from nowhere, Seekers form nowhere, and everything focus firing my Observers, I took too many losses/rebuilds. My ally even sent some of their own Observers to help, but they got destroyed just the same as mine. In the end, we were both still alive; however, we lost to the last hybrid timing out. It was totally my fault.

Second attempt we switched roles. I took P1 Karax and did the defense. My ally was P0 Tychus and did the attacking. We got a much more manageable Terran mech this time.

This one went much better. There was only one sticky situation when multiple Reanimators clustered together just outside the expo. They added a good chunk of units to a late game attack wave which together overran a cannon line. But we handled it and recovered.

Finished it without any more trouble. Got the second bonus train.

Karax P3 + Stetmann P1 (lv5)

Took 3 tries. First 2, getting Colossi, Reavers, Immortals, and Disruptors aren’t good for tower defense. 3rd try, got air Zerg (Devs, Mutas, Guards), and it was a cakewalk. Ally leveled up to 6, but then went from 6 to lv9 after that Brutation bounty :sunglasses: Unlocked “best buddies”

Did it in Normal as Tychus P2 a few days ago, so I don’t remember many details.
It ended up being much harder than I expected.
I was very resource starved, Sirius didn’t move through the map as easily as I hoped, turrets left in base for minimum defense and detection were outranged by every attack wave, it was a pain.

Missed the 1st train that proceeded to taunt us for the rest of the map with a bugged bonus objective indicator dancing at the top of the minimap, but got the 2nd.
Got lots of deaths of outlaws.

Won with only a little time left in the timer.

Did it on first try with Alarak P3 (Brutal) with a random ally as Tychus (Brutal).

Rushed the mothership, made Destroyers, some supplicants and havocs and simply amoved around the map.
Even if you lose your detectors you can still kill the enemies with Alarak’s Deadly charge and Destruction Wave, so its a really forgiving commander for this mutation.

Made a bunch of gateways to act as walls at both my base and my ally to provide enough time to respond if structure overcharge was not enough to defend, which proved really useful as my ally was semi afk.

If you want to “solo” this mutation, Alarak P3 is very strong for it.