Co-Op Mutation #328: Overclocked

The Tal’darim begins tinkering with the basic input/output system of the defense systems. The enemy as a result starts moving much faster due to the increased voltage. The power from lost units is automatically transferred to the nearest AI, thereby increasing its effectiveness further. To prevent thermal throttling, the defense systems channel the excess energy into plasma blasts from their structures. Help Aurana stabilize the terminals before the station overheats and corrupts the personality data storage.

Speed Freaks - Enemy units have double their normal movement speed.
Photon Overload - All enemy structures attack nearby hostile units.
Avenger - Enemy units gain increased attack speed, armor, and life when nearby enemy units die.


Video Replays on Brutal difficulty:

Player 1                                   Player 2
[CtG Heavy Weapons Specialist] Sticksbender Rough Rider
[CtG Queen of Blades] Dehakaburger Primal Pack Leader
[CtG Keeper of Shadows] Catsicle Tyrant Ascendant
[CtG Lone Puppy] 데스타무아 Evolution Master

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  • [Suppression tower spawning pattern for Malwarfare]
  • Avenger can buff units up to ten times, with each increasing HP and shields by 10%, life regen by 1 per second, armor by 0.3, and attack and movement speed by 10%.
  • Units that get the Avenger buff also grow in size to give players a visual indicator.
  • Apparently even Ravens’ Auto Turrets get Photon Overload, which is pretty funny.
  • Mind-controlling/Reclaiming Avenger-buffed enemy units will cause them to lose the Avenger buff.
  • The first wave hits faster because of Speed Freaks.

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Hmm…I might go Abathur for this week. Easy to shut down anything with avenger when you have vipers. Plus he can deal with the other two mutations with ease.

#142 Overclocked – SOLO ALL CLEAR

Mutators: Speed Freaks, Avenger, Photon Overload

Another mutation that relies on brute force. Good mobility is also a plus in case you’re out of position. Photon overload is annoying, but not too noticeable, especially if you have a large army or units with a lot of hp.

As you can see below, many commanders just do their usual thing. Be careful when using air-based armies because if your ground units are all dead, the enemies will go straight towards aurana and she might be taken out in a few seconds.

Super dangerous enemies: scourge, immortals, liberators, cyclones… what else?

Successes [and key points]

Abathur (p2) Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation #142: Overclocked - Abathur Solo (p2) [=Brutal+2] - YouTube [the usual]

Abathur (p3) Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation #142: Overclocked - Abathur Solo (p3) [=Brutal+2] - YouTube [brutas + static D]

Alarak (p2) Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation #142: Overclocked - Alarak Solo (p2) [=Brutal+2] - YouTube [more mech units for empower me]

Artanis (p3) Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation #142: Overclocked - Artanis Solo (p3) [=Brutal+2] - YouTube [almost all energy used for shield overcharge]

Dehaka (p1) Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation #142: Overclocked - Dehaka Solo (p1) [=Brutal+2] - YouTube [the usual]

Fenix (p2) Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation #142: Overclocked - Fenix Solo (p2) [=Brutal+2] - YouTube [the usual]

HH (p1) Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation #142: Overclocked - Han and Horner Solo (p1) [=Brutal+2] - YouTube [widow mines and hellbats]

Karax (p2) Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation #142: Overclocked - Karax Solo (p2) [=Brutal+2] - YouTube [immortal sentinel]

Kerrigan (p3) Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation #142: Overclocked - Kerrigan Solo (p3) [=Brutal+2] - YouTube [mass mutas/broodlords]

Mengsk (p3) Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation #142: Overclocked - Mengsk Solo (p3) [=Brutal+2] - YouTube [ESO push, defend with bunkers]

Mengsk (p2) Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation #142: Overclocked - Mengsk Solo (p2) [=Brutal+2] - YouTube [blackhammer action]

Nova (p1 bio) Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation #142: Overclocked - Nova Solo (p1 bio) [=Brutal+2] - YouTube [extra marauders for more dmg vs suppression towers]

Raynor (p1) Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation #142: Overclocked - Raynor Solo (p1) [=Brutal+2] - YouTube [the usual]

Stetmann (p2) Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation #142: Overclocked - Stetmann Solo (p2) [=Brutal+2] - YouTube [the usual]

Stukov (p3) Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation #142: Overclocked - Stukov Solo (p3) [=Brutal+2] - YouTube [add tanks later]

Swann (p1) Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation #142: Overclocked - Swann Solo (p1) [=Brutal+2] - YouTube [factory fleet and cyclones]

Tychus (p2) Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation #142: Overclocked - Tychus Solo (p2) [=Brutal+2] - YouTube [the usual]

Vorazun (p3) Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation #142: Overclocked - Vorazun Solo (p3) [=Brutal+2] - YouTube [stasis wards near aurana]

Zagara (p2) Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation #142: Overclocked - Zagara Solo (p2) [=Brutal+2] - YouTube [the usual; p1 might be better]

Zeratul (p2) Starcraft 2 Co-op Mutation #142: Overclocked - Zeratul Solo (p2) [=Brutal+2] - YouTube [cannons; add void templar later to take out suppression towers more quickly]

Least stressful: Stetmann

Not recommended: Artanis, Raynor

Easiest against random AI: Stetmann

Questions about any of these runs are welcome.

Mutation overlap 142. this week 2nd.

1st clear Tychus P2+Fenix P1

Mutation (Overclocked) play list

Tychus Lone Wolf didn’t even really notice the brutation. Maybe he wondered, why his enemies were in such a rush to die by his hand. Tychus appreciated their good manners for not letting him wait needlessly to annihilate them, thoughts of anticipation is not his strong suit, does of doing is what he prefers.

Anyway. Pretty easy Brutation, got paired up with Nova P3, she cleared most of the way ahead of me and supported Tychus with defense drones, which I don’t think was even neccessary, but very comfortable to play.

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Finally started to play mutations again

This one was pretty easy, but mostly because I had good ally

P1 Zagara (me) + p0 Vorazun, all bonuses done

Actually it was second try, first one was with 9lvl Tychus (who was surprisingly useless), but my ally disconnected, and I didn’t want to continue alone

I thought it will be harder because enemy will be able to attack Aurana much quicker, but almost all the time I was fast enough to stop him

Overall good mutation, even though I don’t like this mission. At least if you have ally who is doing something (I’m not good enough to carry by myself)

Played as :heart: Abathur P2 :heart: and won easily.

Highly recommend using Swarm Hosts - buffed locusts just wash over the map without a care in the world. :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:

Played Nova P3, matched with a spider mine happy Raynor.

Pretty much a match made in heaven, I cleared and took on towers; he mined the spawns, and later turreted the towers.

My first mutation back since I got back into Co-op. I’ve been levelling up H&H Prestiges finally, and just finished P2, so I decided to stick with them for this. I switched to P1 however – fast Mag-Mines and Stronger Death Chance both seemed like a good idea.

Had an Artanis ally (great) against Fleet of the Matriarch (umm… less great). Corsairs are rough for flying Reapers, and Avenger means you won’t clear waves before Reapers land. I didn’t bother with a fleet. Guardian Shell was a godsend here, and I felt I got lucky with my Mag-Mines wiping out specifically the Corsairs several times.

Most fun was pre-clearing with Strike Fighters to avoid dealing with Photon Overload, and then spot for all three of our ultimates to pre-clear the larger bases.

Malwarfare’s the best map. : ( What don’t you like about it and what maps do you like?

Mostly bonus.
The fact that first bonus has to be done at the same time as second main point makes you rely too much on your ally, who is surprisingly often useless at this part of game. And the fact that you also must spend your own resources to trigger bonus makes it even worse.

For someone who doesn’t want to divide your army and wants to just F2 + A-click, it’s not good mission.

I can say which maps I don’t like:

  1. Miner Evacuation (hard bonuses that appear too early and boring main quest, that is just too hard at start and too easy at end, and also weird mechanic of late auto-trigger of ships. And attack waves that ignore army while just going to second base)
  2. Part and Parcel (auto-activated bonuses that require too much effort at weird timing, and also attack waves that love to appear while trigger for main quest appears)
  3. Chain of Ascension (tag of war mechanic just wastes time sometimes)
  4. Cradle of Death (ca-a-a-a-a-ars)

All others I like

Zagara P1 was yet another one of my "go to"s. Queue all units (including from Banaling and Scourge Nests) to the front lines, and make sure you’re consistently cranking them out!

Lings must be having a field day with gigantic hitbox Avengers and shredding armour.

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