Co-Op Mutation #280: No Money, More Problems

Amon’s terraforming of Veridia Prime has ravaged the planet’s resources. You must brave catastrophic environmental conditions in order to secure the materials needed to build your army. Use caution, but don’t delay. Every passing second brings the planet closer to destruction.

Slim Pickings - Player worker units gather resources at a reduced rate, but resource pickups spawn throughout the map.
Self Destruction - Enemy units explode and deal damage to friendly player units upon death.
Twister - Tornadoes move across the map, damaging and knocking back player units in their path.


Video Replays on Brutal difficulty:

Player 1                                   Player 2
[CtG Lone Puppy] Aommaster Desolate Queen
[CtG Devouring One] [Nostrebor Toxic Tyrant]
[CtG Solarite Celestial] [Punisher Best Buddy]
[CtG Evolution Master] weder Primal Pack Leader

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  • Heroic units are not immune to Twister.
  • That being said, doing a hero solo is way less stressful than trying to macro while keeping up with pickup collection and xenon crystal collection.
  • Workers gather 1 resource per trip on Brutal difficulty.
  • Depending on your multitasking ability, running workers around the map is a more efficient means of collecting resources than is mining. Patrol may be helpful for this.
  • Units explode where they are killed and deal more damage if they consumed more supply.

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#45 No Money, More Problems - SOLO ALL CLEAR

Mutators: Slim Pickings, Twister, Self-destruction

This mutation was pretty easy and fun, so I had to add my own challenges. I don’t really like adding more mutators, so I did the next best thing: handicaps. Hero only, no mining/spending, top bar only, etc.

If you want to play normally, do your best to keep your army alive. Armies should include ground units so that they can help pick up resources when moving around the map. Hotkey your workers that are collecting resources so you can quickly check on them to make sure they don’t die to random twisters on the way home. Spread your buildings so that you have vision of the entire area (main and natural, since those areas are safe twisters), making it easier to collect/see the resources on the ground. Even if you don’t expand, it’s a good idea to send some workers to the expo island so that you can get to further crystals faster.

Regular runs

Raynor (p1) [infantry]

Artanis (p0) [goons]

Vorazun (p3) [void rays]

Stukov (p3) [bunkers]

HH (p2) [strike fighters did most of the work]

Mengsk (p1) [ESOs]

Top bar only

Swann (p1) [best unit makes an appearance once again]

Karax (p3) [observers for vision]

Hero only

Abathur (p2) [UE only]

Fenix (p2) [Kaldalis and Fenix only]

Tychus (p2) [Tychus only]

Tychus (p2) [Sirius only]

Hero only, no mining, no spending (except for the first 50 min) [these were not as easy as they seem, except Zeratul p3]

Kerrigan (p0) [pretty easy]

Kerrigan (p3) [harder than p0 because she doesn’t have psionic shift]

Zagara (p3) [pretty easy thanks to deep tunnel]

Alarak (p0) [fairly easy, but empower me was really weak]

Nova (p0) [pretty difficult, actually]

Dehaka (p3) [pretty difficult, especially early game]

Zeratul (p3) [very easy]

Stetmann (p2) [no super gary; pretty easy thanks to mobility]

Easiest: Zeratul

Proudest: Nova, Dehaka

Questions about any of these runs are welcome.


45,114. this week 3rd.

this week 1st clear Tychus P2+Nova P3

Mutation (No Money, More Problems) play list

Probably easiest with a Kerri, Nydus will allow people to mostly skip some Twisters along the way. That said, this combination really isn’t terribly hard, any combo will do.

Any commander with decent micro should be fine this week. If you want to grind brutation mission count, this is an excellent time.

Announcer: “There will be tornadoes on the battlefield!”
Zeratul P3: “You rang?”

Zeratul managed to get himself killed once (pathfinding is disastrous on this map, units love to take the path through the not yet cleared enemy base), but aside from that, it was OK.
My army melted a few times due to high templars storms + enemy explosions, I guess this mutation is a counter to my “base Gateway army” with Zeratul.

Dark archons legion was useful at turning enemies against each other, softening when not completely killing pockets of resistance or waves.
Zeratul taxi (how was this ship called lol?) is convenient if you want to get the bonus, as it doesn’t require vision, and once Zeratul land, ally can get vision for their own calldowns (though Spinratul can probably take down Molten Sal in 2 or 3 appearances on its own).

Did it in Hard with a Raynor P1 ally.

Really easy. Did it with P0 Abathur with a P3 Nova partner.

Abathur doesn’t really need an economy, just spam toxic nests, gets your Ultimate Evolutions out and then all you need is maybe a couple of Queens.

Kerrigan solo Hero was really easy and fun. No need for expo since you don’t spend resources on units or upgrades (except the three upgrades for Kerrigan ofc), full mastery in Kerrigan’s abilities, Nydus Worms on every platform for general mobility and drones to get to crystals quickly. Walk in the park.

Who would win, enemy waves or Mengsk P3? XD

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Got this bagged with Zera P3 and a Karax partner. Carried him early game and he carried the late game with mass carriers. Still not used to cannon micro on Zera and there were lots of tanks and thors so shade projection pushes were shut down pretty easily.

Oh you’re right.
Tornadoes weren’t the only way to sheldonically declare to Amon: “It’s my spot!”