Co-Op Mutation #269: The Ultimate Price

P2 Fenix with a P3 Karax. It could’ve gone better if my ally focused on TD and SoA while I secured the locks. The mission took longer than it should’ve.

For Lone Wolf what outlaws and upgrades do go for first?
Air vs Ground comp?
What are your masteries? On short map like this, I could see going for outlaw availability just to get +30% dmg asap. But I’m no arithmetician.

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I got a doubt, if my ally is also protoss, can Karax’s shield batteries protect against missiles or is needed also some static defense? I wonder if P2 can do it.

Edit: I forgot about repairing beam, I think the best one then is P1

Did it with mengsk p0 and zagara p0

He rushed the objectives, I fortified them with bunkers, tanks and some missile turret.

Troppers inside bunkers are more effective against the missiles, even with point defense drones than normal missile turrets.

4 bunkers total needed to secure my base/natural and my allys main/natural

I almost always go sirius first. Has detection, baits, good dmg. As for upgrades, grenade first, then sirius’ rockets if vs air or fear if ground. From there it’s a matter of prefference.
As for masteries, i go grenade cd, tri outlaw, medivac

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Doesn’t work. It was mentioned at some point somewhere in the forum (or did I see it elsewhere?) that following tends to break with air units.
Maybe it work for an air-only army?

This looks like a job for P3 Zeratul! -cue Superman theme and shirt unbuttoning- :joy:

Sounds like P3 Zeratul must be the Mobaest. Glad I didn’t get him.

If it breaks, just reorder to follow. It happens occasionally enough.

But i agree that the follow commands breaking is a terrible bug for a game like SC. I believe it didn’t exist in WOL and was introduced in HOTS. It should be fixed, no question… but it doesn’t really prevent you from using follow command to counter micro transactions. In a normal game i may happen on 5 units, maybe.

As far as i know it happen more often on some units - the medic / science vessel / medivac type healing units seem to be affected more. On the other hand, i had very little issue with carriers, broodlords and colossi. I think the type of the unit being followed has no impact on the problem.

Did it with P3 Zagara with a P2 Kerrigan. Mostly both hero solo. Bile launchers for minerals and kerri worms for easy teleport, but I almost never used them coz of fast zagara tunneling. Missiles were a bit annoying early, we used queens to shoot them down. I believe we did it in 10 or so minutes.

Not bad at all, surprising that it’s a B+3.

Like others mentioned, P3 Zera worked well. Had a P3 Stukov ally. Aside from the usual measures against missile command and not spam clicking, it wasn’t much different from the standard mission.

We didnt even have to work together all that much. We cleared the 1st lock together, I did the 2nd, they did the 3rd, they did the bonus while I cleared the 4th, and we only really came together again at the 5th.

On a longer map or for someone who hangs around not finishing the mission this gets a lot harder. Most of us finish it well before nukes arrive.

Ah, very true. We capped the last lock as the very first nuke spawned. The mission ended before it even reached its target.

Sure enough, P3 Zeratul walks all over this one – and I’m someone whose not confident with Brutations in general lol. I was joined by a P1 Karax against Swarmy Zerg, with Banelings and Guardians in tow. Yikes. o:

Nevertheless, once I got Artifacts going, Micro Transactions was largely a non-issue; all I really needed income-wise was Tesseract Cannons and Zorya Legions. My ally was especially thankful I gave them my natural. uwu

That said, however, we did face several nukes, as the game went past the 15-minute mark; to my notice there was only one detonation, as I distracted with pushing… yet overall they too fell to my tornadoes. Fun, fun! :3