Co-Op Mutation #269: The Ultimate Price

Amon has drawn you into a war of attrition. Your forces are exhausted, and even the simplest of tasks are a drain on your resources. Missiles rain down from above, and minerals can sometimes be hard to gather. hang in there, secure the longs, and it will all be worth it.

Micro Transactions - Giving commands to your units costs resources based on the unit’s cost.
Missile Command - Endless missile bombardments target your structures and must be shot down throughout the mission.
Mineral Shields - Mineral clusters at player bases are periodically encased in a shield which must be destroyed for gathering to continue.


Video Replays on Brutal difficulty:

Player 1                                   Player 2
[CtG Apex Predator] [Punisher Lone Puppy]
[CtG Rebel Raider] Ancalagon Nexus Legate
[CtG Akhundelar] Aommaster Folly of Man
[CtG Best Buddy] BlackSyn Architect of War

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  • yo bliz i herd u liek mass mmm in ur mutationz
  • The cost to micro for units that cost gas equals their supply times 1 mineral and 1 gas. If a unit does not cost gas, the cost to micro equals its supply times 2 minerals.
  • Queueing units, refocusing and upgrading the Laser Drill, upgrading to warp gate, cancelling an upgrade, using creep tumors and changing building rally points all cost resources.
  • Orbital Strikes and other top bar abilities cost 10 minerals per shot.
  • Auto attack does not cost minerals, so static defense should not cost anything to work.
  • Once you run out of resources, you will continue to be able to micro your existing units and workers for free! But… you can’t make any more units until your gather enough resources to make them again.
  • Missiles spawn at the very start, from the edges of the map. They slowly fly to the players’ bases.
  • Missiles deal 100 damage at first. However, the size increases, and eventually they launch nukes toward our base. Those ones come with a warning sound.
  • We can shoot down the missiles [they have what feels like 10 HP], but sometimes they launch Point Defense Drones, so we need to shoot those down first. Also, we cannot stop them from spawning.
  • The missiles do not target units or workers.
  • Mineral shields are 50 health structures. A minimap ping indicates their arrival. If not destroyed they last a very long time then they disappear on their own.
  • Player units and static defense DO NOT autotarget Mineral Shields.

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This is where your hero solo shines. Get them done early, sub10 if you can, sub15 isn’t too bad. Why? Cuz Missilez Lagz.

Hmm…I might go P3 Zagara for this one. Only one base, working with one unit that can teleport across the map with ease. Shouldn’t be too hard.

I’ll try Karax P1 or P3 here. Lack of defenses shouldn’t be an issue here for P2 Karax, but I’d still like to have something there.

Thinking Nova P3 for this one. Stealth bombing with hitscan marines to deal with missiles.

34,103 … this week 3rd…

this week 1st clear H&H P1+Nova P3

Mutation (The Ultimate Price) play list

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did it with karax p1 and stetmann p2 ally. ally was very active and knew what they were doing so I barely had to do anything, I mostly focused on missile defence :grin:

Pretty simple. Stukov P0 and Karax.

A bunch of mutations I don’t like, in a combination I don’t like, on a map I don’t like.
I will leave that one to others…


Lol. So you are the 1 played with ctg. Where he requested you to rush out observers or mirages. This weekly mutations topic opened by him.

Tbh, nothing taken this map down better than Tychus lone wolf.

Played this with level 3 Fenix ally me playing solarite celestial. Pretty easy with 3-4 cannons per lock, 2 mirages with a bunch of carriers and one observer on follow command.

I am not even sure if we needed cannons for base defense and minerals shields… orbital strikes are dirt cheap and get rid of mineral shields and nukes just fine - even for your ally. And regular missiles can’t really kill any structure with karaxs auto repair. Even the passive protoss shield recharge should be enough t.b.h. … at least once you have enough buildings (20+), the damage of the missiles is so spread out, that nothing should really take hull damage. At worst you may loose a pylon here or there.

Quick tip for negating micro transaction costs: if you take 1 (or 2 - just in case) tanky units (preferably a flying unit), you can order your whole army to follow it ONCE. After that you just control that 1 tanky unit and your army follows them with no additional cost from micro transactions. Thats quite a viable strategy, especially with high range air units. Works great with a mirage followed by a flock of carriers. Also great for battle carrier lords or broodlords following 2 overseers. 1 observer followed by 20 colossi works fine too. Should be similar with wraithwalkers, tempests and reavers.

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lmao I just checked the link in the opening post, yeah that’s me lol :joy: guess I had my brain off during that game, didn’t realise I was playing with ctg

Beat Brutation on first try with Nova P3 and a Zagara P1 ally. Got the bonus as well. Took longer than a normal mission, but my marines were able to deal with the nukes as they popped up so all was fine in the end.

Tychus P2 + Karax P0
Pretty easy, Karax was defending the points while Tychus and Sirius (you shouldnt need more) were cleaning the reamining points.

I used Zeratul P3 for this one and in this mutation he really shined. One can easily having a walk in the park in this mission with him: the only thing to be done is build some cannons near your base (and expo if you want one), build some xel’ naga enforcers to increase doing damage to the missiles and solo the map with zeratul spamming cleave, with the win soon to follow.

Beat on both NA and EU accounts. Honestly Swann P1 feels really good. Just fortify all the points ally already captured so he doesn’t have to worry about them ever again, and it’s gg ez. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Anyone try it with Dark Pylon mastery, Time Stop ASAP, cuz you know bugs, then play with Stetmann mass Mecha Zerglings?

And see how much lag it is at 20min. You know, for science!

Flying tanky unit, it’s Gary time :stuck_out_tongue:

Had a Lone wolf Tychus ally with a P3 Zagara. Beat it in 14 minutes, bonus as well.