CO-OP Commanders for Purchase - Bundle?

Hear me out, I am totally okay with just the co-op commanders I have already purchased. I do not have any real need to purchase the other one’s because I do not like their play style (e.g. Stetmann or Horner). BUT if Blizzard was to do a bundle purchase, like a buy 1 get 1 or 50%, I would just buy all the remaining ones for no reason. Thoughts?

They’d need someone to make the decision. These days nothing happens without ESL asking for something and I don’t think Co-op is on their radar. It would be nice to see something other than the usual Campaign Collection sale, not to mention how lovely it would be if there were XP bonuses during holidays or other occasions. But I really don’t think anyone is looking at these things.

It would probably cost them more money to make that happen than they’d get from those bundles