Cheesy Viper Abduct works on mothership?

It seems like vipers being able to abduct Protoss motherships is a little unfair and not to mention inconsistent with the lore since the mothership is supposed to be half a planet in size. It would help the late game matchup between Zerg and Protoss (which tends to go overwhelmingly in the Zerg’s favor) if motherships were un-abductable. Just a thought, hoping the devs will consider.


well it’s called a -400/400 for a reason, it’s either get yoinked and focus fired or just thors outrange it and out damage it.
either just give it more range and not abductable or just simply remove it and give arbiters back and nerf statis ward from AOE to singel target

Agreed, the ONE hero unit we have which costs more than anything in the game and is supposed to be this huge thing lore wise. It should NOT be abductable, it’s silly makes no sense and from a balance perspective seeing as Zerg and Terran is already overwhelmingly favored in the late game.


I don’t think the real size of the mothership is really considered in the MP gameplay. e.g.
Since the balance patch on 6th Aug 20, please consider that neural parasite was nerfed as well. Interceptors of carriers do NOT attack their own carriers anymore. Does this make sense to you? Neural Parasite is supposed to make own units engage themselves. But Blizzard didn’t considered the sense of this scenario either.
So I guess it is justified for a mothership to be abducted since this game isn’t based on real scale scenarios for MP gameplay. :slight_smile: