Cheesy Viper Abduct works on mothership?

It seems like vipers being able to abduct Protoss motherships is a little unfair and not to mention inconsistent with the lore since the mothership is supposed to be half a planet in size. It would help the late game matchup between Zerg and Protoss (which tends to go overwhelmingly in the Zerg’s favor) if motherships were un-abductable. Just a thought, hoping the devs will consider.


well it’s called a -400/400 for a reason, it’s either get yoinked and focus fired or just thors outrange it and out damage it.
either just give it more range and not abductable or just simply remove it and give arbiters back and nerf statis ward from AOE to singel target

Agreed, the ONE hero unit we have which costs more than anything in the game and is supposed to be this huge thing lore wise. It should NOT be abductable, it’s silly makes no sense and from a balance perspective seeing as Zerg and Terran is already overwhelmingly favored in the late game.


I don’t think the real size of the mothership is really considered in the MP gameplay. e.g.
Since the balance patch on 6th Aug 20, please consider that neural parasite was nerfed as well. Interceptors of carriers do NOT attack their own carriers anymore. Does this make sense to you? Neural Parasite is supposed to make own units engage themselves. But Blizzard didn’t considered the sense of this scenario either.
So I guess it is justified for a mothership to be abducted since this game isn’t based on real scale scenarios for MP gameplay. :slight_smile:

I don’t want to sound unfair but, I’m a Protoss player. I do not want Arbiters to be back. It might force the Overlord to have Detection ability again like in SC1 making all cloaked units useless against Zerg, I think Mothership balances that segment. I love Mothership aswell. Bringing Arbiters back might force a big change in the game. I love Arbiters too. Blizzard would probably nerf the Stasis Field if they bring back Arbiters. Mothership was to balanced here nerf to almost not good to use it.

In 4v4 Mothership where I have 1 every game is actually fun to use. There was a game last time where we had a weird late game situation. Mass Carriers, Mass BC’s(this BC’s made it tricky) We thought we’re gonna lose but it wasnt the case. A base trade game happened and (Not to sound high pride or look amazing) I carried the team in mid game to late game my team ran out of money, structures and units. With my Mass Tempest, Mothership, Zealots, Observers and good strategy and a bit scout and some rebuild and small attack attempt with my team. It actually made it different. Mothership is highly fantastic. It even protected our remaining building later on which is my Nexus from enemy Mass cannons(which I destroyed using some Recalled Tempest) and Mass Zealots. That Structure Cloaking did its job good. Arbiters cant do this. Before my team had the opportunity to build their building again. The game spanned 1 hour+ (half of the game is similar to Creator vs TY) with better Time Warp this time. Time Warp was really good against SLOW almost clumped or Mass slow air in general. It slowed Interceptors HIGH DPS. Slowed Void Ray and BC’s HIGH DPS. Mass Recall and Nexus Recall did its job as well. If it werent for that Cloaking Field on Structures we would have lost the game. The team was cooperative as well. Were 3 on the team. The other 1 left in almost mid game he did amazing even though he left early. The other 2 was amazing aswell. I was entirely left alone in the last half of the game. Shield Battery + Overcharge was amazing aswell to heal up that Mothership. I was microing it back aswell to prevent it from being sniped.

Time Warp needs to be instant and atleast 8 seconds not 7. Its almost useless against Zerg fast moving Air or any fast moving Air. Its supposed to help in Late Game where its tech tree is located but no it cant fully help most in ZERG Fast Air or Fast Air units. Against Zerg Mass Spore Crawlers, Corruptors, Mutalisk, Vipers and Overseer err just forget it.

Hahaha thanks and keep safe!