Changing hotkeys

I’m relatively new and I recently reprogrammed many of my hotkeys to improve performance. The most important keys are the number keys and the key for ` and ~ can be used as well.

I now have:
~ select all army
1 army group
2 army group
3 army group
4 CC
5 Rax
6 Fax
7 Port
8 Armory
9 Engineering bay
0 CC’s again in case I screw up.

I like this very much. I also changed many of the unit keys because default used duplicates and difficult to reach letters like n. I recall it did not use q w f …

Another thing that is awesome is it is possible to give 2 hotkeys for each unit production. I decided to use Q for marauder and W for widow mine, but if I hit D by accident I still get what I want. Also adding Z and S for create worker is really good. The shift key is used constantly and finding Z is easier than finding S.

What hotkey changes have other people made which they think are good?

My hotkeys are 1 army, 2 CC, 3 prod, 4 scout scv, 5 upgrades, including armory, 6 - 10 is harassment or whatever i want or need it for