Carriers confusion prevention

I have recently a situation where large army of stalker, zealots,Archon and immortals was killed of by smaller army with stalker as buffor and carriers in the back. I’m not at the level that i control my army (50-60 APM) and stalker just got confused keep attacking interceptor. Is there an easy way to prevent this with macro.

I seen similar issue with void rays loosing to smaller army of void rays + 1 carriers.

No, there isn’t an easy way with ground units. The least APM intensive method would be to blink under the carriers with your stalkers and then shift-click on each of the Carriers so your stalkers focus fire them, while your units that can only hit ground mop up the ground force. There are plenty of issues with that method as well, but is probably the most APM efficient method to deal with it.

What is interaction between Carriers and Archons?
Are Archons strong at killing interceptors?
Can be Archons effectively used to fight Carriers?

I remember a caster mentioning that Archons are important in PvP, and perhaps this situation, but he did not specify.