Carriers are ridiculous

Soooo when will Carriers be removed from game?

Carriers are fine, learn how to handle them because the problem isnt the carrier but YOUR handling of the unit.

Have a good day sir!


I’m guessing your either zerg or terran, or a really crappy toss.

If you are a terran, use max upgraded liberators… They are pretty powerful with their splash AOE. Try it in the unit tester. If you are zerg, use viper corruptor queen. If they include voidrays, add in some hydras if needed. If they have ground units under them like zealots, have some lurkers.

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:joy: Carrier was shadow own self now nothing fine witch it

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nobody understand what ur saying tho?

All do and yes eng my second language

And if they have carriers+tempests+some archons+HTs?
Ah right - you can’t beat it unless you have more than 30 spore crawlers in the way…

very interesting and useful comment

get a life

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They were removed in the Alpha.

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You dont belong on the fourms.