Carrier ai is broken

See here for full details:

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Why is this a big deal? You should be focus firing with carriers in most situations anyway. I’d hardly say this makes carriers broken.

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So, not only does the unit cost a fortune, do less damage than all other units, have really terrible movement speed but also require more micro than all other? A maxed out carrier army should absolutely roll over any other army without problem. Seeing Terrans 1A 30 minutes in with Marines against Carriers is retarded

What? More micro than other units? If you’re not focus firing with your other units you’re playing the game wrong.

And of course carriers shouldn’t just be a free win condition. This isn’t some a-move RTS where the most expensive units in the game just roll everything else.

Carriers are def UP. Along with most of toss air.

Only air unit that is decent right now is the phoenix. And you have to be D or above to use them correctly.