Cant publish after minor update

I have been working on an map for the recent days now and in the middle of testing it in the game, and makeing new changes, i couldent open the editor after closeing it, comeing from an game. I understood that i “couldent open dureing an update”, but i could not see any updates pedling. I ended up going totally out of the Starcraft game wich was running open, and an automatic update started wich took about 10 secounds.

I found absolutly no information or patchnotes for this mysterious update. As i talked to an friend about my problems with the editor now, i realized that the problems came after this update, and i asume it had to be an update wich hit the editor - i asume.

The problem is that i can no longer save any (any!) new saves, nor make any deletions or overwrite the files that already exist. I am told by an popup that i lack the admin ability, and im told to “contact my administration”… Im on my own personal laptop, and have no administration, nor do i have any restrictions to my admin-settings on my computer. I have however gone in and changed the allowence to change any and all to the specefic file and latest save im working on, but still, i can not make new saves.

At the start of the problem, the mahine made an file identical to the file i was trying to save, just to tell me that i could not overwrite the file that already existed… It did not ecist; i made a totally new name, but i was told that it already existed, and could not be overwritten.

One of the recent messages as im trying to make an new save with an uniqe name now, is this:

"Unable to delete file ‘C:User\Admin\Documents\Starcraftll\EditorBackup\Expedition Oak776 2021 13.SC2Map.temp\GameText.version’

System Error: ingen tilgang" (“no access”).


Here’s an easy fix to this:

Locate your Starcraft II folder,
File Explorer → Documents → Starcraft II

Right click the Starcraft II folder and click Properties
Click on the “Security” Tab
Allow ALL of the boxes.

You should be able to edit and modify the files now.

This all has occured due to some random mishap over at Blizzard, hopefully they fix it soon.