Can't log in to the editor

It opens the login window separately but the “log in” bar is permanently faded out and can’t be interacted with…

Win or Mac? Would be helpful if you’d post screenshot.

You can post a screenshot on imgur and paste the link in the code block, like so
I feel like I understand what you might be talking about… the Login button is faded out - you can type your credentials, but you’re unable to submit the form login, right?
Have you tried another region - like EU, KR?

yes, God Bless you. This is my issue, have you seen it before?

Yes, but I don’t know why it’s happening ;D So no idea about solution. It happened to me once, and I heard it happened to at least one other person. Seems random.
In my case it just fixed itself.

If I use non-NA regions the log in bar isn’t faded but then it correctly states “can’t find an account associated with blah blah in this region”

Looks like logging into eu then switching over to NA afterwards is a god workaround.

Jeez blizzard…

That probably means you don’t have a character on other regions than US. You’d have to login into the game and create it.
But seems you found a way around it anyway. Nice.

No the whole thing just doesn’t load at all even though it says “switching regions.”

It’s perma stuck at “connecting.”

I miss the good old days, this game truly is just dead and Blizzard doesn’t care.

Hmm, does the game say switching regions or editor? If it’s editor, are you sure you’ve an existing character on the region you’re trying to switch to?

btw. consider joining sc2mapster discord - will be easier to communicate.