Cannot save Starcraft 2 when online


I have installed battlenet ( on a mac (11.6) to play Starcraft 2 (

My goal is to play alone vs the A.I. (not in co-op or campaign).

My issue is that if I play “versus/A.I/play” or “Custom/Melee/Create Lobby/Start game” (in this latter case, I’m the only human in team 1 and there are only AI(s) in team 2) then I do not have a save button. If I press F10 during game, my only options are Achievements, Message Log, Options, Quite & Rewind, Surrender [empty row] Return to game.

I would like to be able to save during the game, as very often I don’t have a long enough stretch of free time to end the game in one go.

I noticed that if I disconnect from the internet before opening BattleNet, and play in offline mode then I do have a Save option.

Is this the expected behavior of the software? I simply cannot save a game when online, even if I’m not playing with other people?

Thanks and sorry if this is a trivial question, I tried googling it but didn’t quite find people with the same issue, as most people play online.