Cannot open Lobby for custom games

Hey again everyone, I am once again having problems using the custom melee feature in SC2
It will not let me enter a lobby to start a custom game, it just sits there saying ‘Entering Lobby’, but never finishes.
This has happened multiple times before, and I have never gotten a straight answer to what is causing this, but it is becoming frustrating now, as it is repetitive to the point of being stupid.
I understand that Blizz doesn’t generally tend to care about the players who pay their salaries, but if they could PLEASE clean up their collective acts, and put out products that are not worthlessly riddled with bugs, it would be greatly appreciated. Instead of just charging you for a solid product, and then delivering a piece of sweatshop garbage to you, then telling you to just deal with it.
Can someone tell me what is causing this, or do I have to put in another Ticket to get what I paid for, just to be told that they are aware of the issue & working on it??
Thanks in advance!!