Campaing bug 25/26

I have all missoins complited with brutal but game think I complited only 25/26 missions
P.S. I’ve done additional missions too on brutal

Which campaign?

Wings of Liberty,
Heart of the Swarm,
Legacy of the Void?

Most common sollution:
Complete WoL hidden mission “Piercing the Shroud”.

WOL, I already complited it

Does your achievement list look similarly to mine?
[picture works for 1 month]

You mention 25/26 missions, however, there are 29 total. Have you done Protoss missions? There are 4 of them, so that could be the missing ones.

I didn’t “In Utter Darkness”. How can I complite it now?

If you complited campaign, then either
press “continue” and you will be shown missions archives, the mission may be available in here


load any pre-Char / post Xill (siege tanks) save, go to laboratory and press Ihan Crystal to do Protoss missions
[you can leave a match “return to hyperion” even if you load mid-game save, so have a look for autosaves and stuff]


start new campaign on easy and rush all missions to Xill/Echoes of Future while skipping all cutscenes.

Good luck.

I am happy I could help you with the “bug fix”, have a nice day ^^

thanks you a lot :slight_smile: :relaxed: