[Campaign] Achievements bugged for the WoL mission Breakout

I’ve completed the mission “Ghost of a Chance”, and went to replay it’s alternate mission “Breakout”. After having completed the mission in less than 25 minutes on Hard difficulty, I did not get the achievement.

I have a screenshot that proves this in a funny way, as the game shows my “best time” for this mission at Hard difficulty is below 25 minutes, but the achievement that you’re supposed to get for it is unawarded.

Also, the other achievement “Cool Hand Tosh” also hasn’t been afforded to me, and I was careful to fulfil it’s requirements, too.

Bad internet? Was you offline?

Hey Lujo,

Both of those achievements appear to be working correctly. I took the same steps you did (did Ghost of a Chance first, then went back and did Breakout).

Make sure that you haven’t used any cheat codes during the campaign. Doing so will disable all the achievements for the rest of the campaign. Also, you have to be playing online for achievements to register. And lastly, if there’s an interruption between the game and the servers at the moment you get an achievement, it won’t be awarded.

I was able to get both just now:

If it was a network interruption, you may just have to attempt them again.

Ty for support. After trying again I got them one by one in separate runs. I wasn’t using cheatcodes, so what probably happened was internet disruption. It happened to me several times during the run, but it didn’t seem to affect any other achievements so I was confused and didn’t consider that it might’ve happened here.

Apologies for the false alarm.