Build that punishes nexus first?

Does such a thing exist? How? I suck.

Proxy one rax near nexus and start making marauders, with conclusive shells, pull like 3-4 workers and try to make bunkers and kite. Back in home make reaper and 1 gas, than marine production and try to fake expand. This works well even in masters/gm. But you have to already pull second scv for this, before probe scout reaches you!

Or people still try to sneak bunker with reaper. When natural is building…

Otherwise 1 base builds suck and are really easily held by protoss , because shield battery etc.

Interesting, thank you.

Reaper FE into a non rax reactored 1-1-1 (for earliest starport). 4 marines, 1 siege tank, 1 medivac, send and boost through non-natural enemy side and hit their mineral line. Forces Protoss to recall/warp in gateway stalkers or zealots they don’t want to make due to economic build.

You should land maybe 8 probe kills. During this time your natural CC is built on high ground and can expand while the drop lands before 5:00. Depending on your macro it gets there early. Observers scouting this or not at all doesn’t matter, because the opponent will worry about the drop.

Terran’s power early game isn’t their initial economy, its our ability to drop into the enemy whether or not they expand.

1-1-1 = won won won XD but my multitasking makes me done, done, done hahahaha. I need to improve a lot.

Edit: your expansion doesn’t happen at 5:00 it should be in natural long before that. But what I mean is, based on your scout info you will know whether or not to bring the CC into the low-ground. You can orbital before the expansion, or expand then get the 2nd orbital up to you.

Reaper for local proxy checks and enemy natural/third checks. Medivac pocket squad is there to deny any early aggression.

No protoss will leave a siege tank drop un attended. Its a SIEGE TANK HAHA!

Do not siege the tank in the enemy’s main or natural, wherever you hit. You need the ability to quickly pick up and relocate. When you drop this squad use the medivac to simultaneously scout for incoming enemy units, or even check out the enemy buildings and any upgrades on the way, as soon as you spot the enemy’s army, boost and pick up and relocate, or scout with medivac.


Pheonix chase = drop marines and siege tank.

Found idle adept = drop siege tank and marines, pick up siege tank and boost to enemy shade: drop the siege tank to where adept shades then siege up, siege tank will clean up low health adept in one siege tank shot, due to damage from marines and tank mode siege tank.


You get the drift. My strategy got me to gold with minimum macro mastery, but imagine this potential for the higher levels!