Bring Radioactive Cloud to Raven?

After watching team warchest, GSL, and a host of other online tournaments (which I have been greatly enjoying). I think that Terran Mech could be greatly improved if they brought back radioactive cloud and gave it to the Raven. I feel the utility of that unit has become conditional. I think bringing back radioactive cloud can help force zerg and protoss to split more and micro more in fights where they mass units of just one type. I was wondering if it would help against mass baneling by selectively irradiating banelings in the middle of the 30 bane push or 20 Zealot run by?

I feel like it is a high skill cap move that will have some effect on lower ranked play, but profound effect on upper rank play, while giving AOE utility to terran. I think it would be best to swop it for Dorrito cannon, and balance it on duration, DOT amount, effect range, and DOT gradated effect from center.

Just a thought I had and I wanted to know what you all more expert people thought.

This is not going to be played in mech but bio due to gas constraints. The real issue is that it won’t be good vs muta. Air units don’t clump as tightly. The fundamental issue with Zergs is the race design. Creep needs to go except around hatch. Zergs gain too much free map control. In protoss match ups it’s just that they have the ultimate a move units in colossi and zealot. Also dodging a disruptor shot won’t win you the game but not dodging it can lose you the game. Finally chargelots and tempest make mech nonviable. Irradiate would help but the design issues are bigger.

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You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.