Blizzard Confirms: No More Co-op Commander Revamps Ever?

From the pinned thread:

Note: final.

I really hope I’m overthinking this and they don’t actually mean ‘no more changes to Co-op commanders’ because there are still several that badly need some love…


Honestly they should have stopped the revamps earlier instead of nerfing everyting


Don’t think so. Guess it was just an ambiguos sentence given that they are the last commanders and therefore the final revamp.

I truly believe we will get more commanders, otherwise he would have been more specific.


I wouldnt sweat it. If you read the sentence in full context it reads like the intention was “final update of this year”



This isn’t Versus.

This is a mode where the entire fantasy is being powerful. While there were some slight outliers (Zera’s cannons, Mengsk’s nutty Mastery) we’ve just had the difficulty ceiling raised massively with Brutal+ and so I don’t see why some power creep and buffing the weaker commanders wouldn’t have been a better solution overall.

That said…with Diablo 4, Overwatch 2, a new WoW expansion, WC3: RM and the rest on the horizon - I wonder if Blizzard isn’t starting to gradually close the door on SC2 and Mengsk was the last big addition to Co-op.

I certainly hope so.


I agree with Redwood, pretty sure they meant it for this year. Otherwise it’d be quite the sour Christmas present.


Yeah in particular Zeratul deserves buffs to resemble at least distantly his good ol’ Xel’Naga times.

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This is fine for me since Warcraft 3 was always my favorite game anyways. I know I will be going back to it once the reforged version comes out. The timing kind of works out and I don’t think it’s an accident either.

Well you have to wait. I just got e-mail that WC Reforged will get deleyed to 29.1.2020