Best way to counter BC (silver ladder)

In the silver ladders most terran goes mass bc what is the best way to counter it?
2:Queens and spore
3:broodlords and muta
wich is the best option are there more ways


Broodlords are a bad choice, they cannot attack air units.
Mutalisks basicly don’t deal well with heavy fights so are a bad choice.

Most ideal solution are corruptors, a unit you need to create Brood Lords. Has the same technology requirement as Mutalisk and counters Massive units (Collosus, Carrier, Battlecruiser, Tempest, and actually everything what flies and is built by Protoss).

Hydralisks can be decent if you have a lot of them, but if your opponent goes mass Battlecruisers, Corruptors are the answer.
After you destroy Battlecruisers, you can morph your Corruptors into Brood Lords to deal with ground targets. Remaining Corruptors can help with newly built Battlecruisers.

In early game if you are facing 1-2 Battlecruisers, you can use 5-6 queens and a spore in each base. But presence of Battlecruisers on the battlefield should make you Lair ----> Spire —> A few Corruptors reaction.


thanks Dallarian for the reply


In case anyone would like to know how to deal with air Protoss, I leave link to my other post that explains a bit more about Corruptors in ZvP.

Also Linuxzulu, was my advice useful?
I’d love to see feedback.


Yes it was useful, it made things easier.


queens into corruptors 6 per BCC, be sure to kill them don’t let them yamatto you repeatedly. 2 spores per base once you realize what is going on.


if they actually mass bc

go mass corruptor for free win

can add in vipers for spice

The moment you get air of BC just start massing corruptors and upgrade armor on spire and make a back up spire at a base that is well defended.

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