Best injection method 2021

its 2021 A.D.
can we ultimately tell what is the best injection method???

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Straight into the veins

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early game you bind 1 queen per hotekey, first 4 bases for example 6,7,8,9
lategame you just use all queens and basecam spawn larvae around dumping all energy and you will have no larva issues in late game anyway it’s best method. and if you can’t reliably hit the right side of your keyboard with your left hand you are bad

Use camera hotkeys F1 F2 F3 F4

Have your inject queens on one hotkey. Select that hotkey. F1 click F2 click F3 click F4 click. Takes about 1 second.


The best is using camera hotkeys, but I use an older workflow:

all queens in one group then shift+x and then space + click, space + click, space + click, to inject all 3 bases.

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You get wandering queens with this some times.

That has to do with trying to inject with a queen that does not have enough energy. It does not have anything to do with the inject method itself. If you wait for the first queen to have enough energy before injecting you will never have an issue.

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It’s a pretty fast method but I prefer the camera hockey method

I want to clarify a former misconception of mine that spacebar-inject doesn’t work because camera base jumping is random. It’s not random and actually goes in a pattern, which means the only thing stopping this method from working is every queen having a hatchery and being able to inject. Previously I thought it was random because during testing my camera jumped to the same base twice without repeating all the others but upon retest it was actually jumping to my macro hatchery in my main…