Beginner SC2 community

Hey everyone!
I am a beginner to the game and looking for other beginners to improve with and to help each other learning the game. If you want to join this community as a beginner or more experienced player to help out other beginners feel free to add me on discord: Milux#1543 and I’ll add you to the discord server I just created.

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There are quite a few nice communities around, and the forum is probably most toxic of them, so please do not discourage yourself by seeing what is happening in here ^^

There are many great video tutorials online, great Discord / reddit / other communities, so for sure you will find something for yourself.

Good luck!

[also please note the game is currently abandoned, is having heavy smurfing problems,hacking is a thing, and there are many bugs like wrong leagues allocation, anyway I hope you enjoy the game, there still is Arcade which works fine so far]


Eh I would argue arcade has its own set of flaws as people get less and less encouraged to develop their minigames along with not being able to permanently kick people from lobby. Campaign and co-op are cool.