Beating Co-Op without using a mouse!

So I did this challenge where my ally and I played a co-op map without using any mouse. Check it out:

No track pads, no mouse key rebinds, no cheats, and no getting carried by my ally [he was also using keyboard only]

It’s sort of experimental on my part and I’m trying to work out which maps this is possible on. I’ve so far done Void Thrashing, which is probably he easiest map to do it on, but I’m wondering whether the same is possible for the rest of the maps. You can see how I did it in the video I linked above, but I’m also open to suggestions for the rest of the maps.


I died a little watching this haha. Still, credit where it is due. Nicely done.


That’s clever… the mouse cursor’s always going to be in the center of the screen, so you can just work around that!

Closest thing I’ve done was playing StarCraft1 with a 1-button mouse. That’s the only thing they had with the Macintoshes at a Virgin Megastore! I actually knew you could simulate a right click by pressing the “command” key and clicking, but it was still rough. Poor folks who wandered by were undoubtedly clueless :frowning:

You’re a mad lad, now do it with Vertigo

Willing to bet TotP and ME would be fairly easy to do as well.

Taking a page out of Giant Grant Games I see.

Any updates on this feat? Or did it just became stale real fast?

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The viewer feedback is good, but the overall viewership is underwhelming. I’ll have to consider whether I’ll do more of these.

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Wonder if you could jury-rig an n64 controller as input. I hear playing StarCraft 64 was it’s own mean feat!

Obviously you must do deathless :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s very impressive, also with the fact that you didn’t need to make any unit or upgrade. :+1:

But isn’t the “rapidfire key” technically a mouse key rebind? (by default the Choose ability or A.I. target is bound only to Left mouse button). I guess it would not be possible without this rebind :thinking: But then you could also rebind “Selection” and then be able to select any unit or structure and make upgrades, etc …