BC drop strategy

I’ve been having fun doing early BC drops on mineral lines and sometimes I can get a good run in and fly all over the place but I have a really hard time when they have anti air, any tips for BC drop(warp) strategies? It’s a pretty simple concept I just thought I would get some feedback. Most of the time I go over there I can blow up the workers and sometimes the base but I lose the battlecruisers most of the time, not sure if it’s worth it economically :person_shrugging: any ideas?

From what I understand you need a better economy than your opponent generally, you can achieve that during the attack but not if you fail to macro. Similarly to economy being on a timer your battlecruisers are always on a timer, the timer being that you need to use them in combat not just their teleport cooldown, the way they build so slowly and cost so much it is not much different than a timing attack so you send them in as soon as possible, usually the first one or two that build can teleport in. If you don’t use them you are giving the enemy more time to achieve anti air capabilities.

Due to their large hp pool and ability to maneuver across the map you should be trying to avoid losing any battlecruisers at all costs, doing the damage is secondary when you can repair and do more later instead. Using teleport cooldowns wisely is crucial as you need to either reinforce a location or save your units from destruction with it.

You also are very weak while building battlecruisers so any inefficiency is magnified as it is a tier 3 unit. Even a few hundred minerals or seconds means a lot in this game and you are spending them.

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Thanks mallos . I’ve been losing focus lately and not having the best economy, you really have to pay attention in this game!! I’m often in a bad mood or distracted from some trash someone talked to me in gen chat or in game so I’ve not been enjoying the game much. Fun game, crappy people ruin it though