Battlecruisers are not as powerful as in SC1

I would like to see the BCs shooting at ground and air at same time with same damage!

Except Zerg had better answers to air then they do now

StarCraft I Battlecruisers were much weaker than SC2 Battlecruisers. The SC2 Battlecruiser has almost twice the DPS against ground, and about 23% more DPS against air.

Battlecruiser only “seemed” strong in SC1 because of a few specific advantages:

  • The selection limit and path-finding both limited the opponent’s ability to attack Battlecruisers with a larger army all at once.
  • The combination of the Battlecruiser’s fast projectile and high burst made it possible for Battlecruisers to quickly pick-off units as they closed in with relatively few wasted shots. This gave Battlecruisers an edge at sniping Scourge, Marines, Hydralisks, and a few other units as they attempted to get into range. The path-finding and selection limits mentioned above made it even harder for those units to approach.
  • Most of the Battlecruiser’s counters in SC1 were weaker or more cumbersome than their SC2 counterparts.

Against Battlecruiser fleets in particular, Scourge were not a very good option.

Defilers were very good, although Infestors and Vipers are at least comparable as support units.

Most of Zerg’s other options were worse, even if for some cases that was only because of the path-finding and selection size limits.

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I think BC’s damage against ground should be raised from 8 to 10 and against air from 5 to 8. I would also like to see its range increased from 6 to 8, or alternatively give us an upgrade tech to increase the range. I also think, given its lore, the HP should be increased from 550 to 600.

Thoughts? Do you guys think that would make BCs too buffed?

Those buffs would be absurd.

Battlecruisers are not “weak”. They just take a lot of resources and effort to build-up to an effective fleet.

Bc drop can end game at 5 min mark.

They all ready destroy hydras I think they need their range needs be short or lose ability move.

Right now bc can move kill hydras before hydra can attack if hydra tries to chase.

I agree with everything. Soecially as Sc2 BCs have teleport which makes them OP…

But NOTHING equates to the Defiler…

If you were to put Defiler in SC2 it’d be so incredibly OP …

Real problems until Zerg can get 3/3 corrupters. bc are more effective against corruptors. Zerg needs be 2 pop above bc until hits 3/3 then can be equal pop to easily win.

Which is problem by time open air Terran all ready 2/2