Battlecruiser rush tvt

I have read some comments complaining about how good battlecruiser is in tvt and i remembered this when i met my very first battlecruiser rusher in tvt. At 6 minutes he teleported 2 battlecruisers into my base, and won the game. I had 1 cyclone and 2 ravens but that didnt help much because he targeted down the cyclone instantly. This just seems unresonable for me, if i dont see this coming what am i supposed to do? My build is “Husangs safe terran vs terran build order” but apperently its not very safe afterall!
Anyways how would you guys deal with this rush, or for that matter just a 1 fastest battlecruiser. I understand vikings in midgame and lategame can counter it but what do i add into my build that counters it? Should i scan at 4 minutes, but what if he builds the starport at the natural so scaning seems risky. Btw i am so hopeless against microing cyclones and vikings. How do i micro a cyclone and viking at the same time, i am not a master 1 player man.
Maybe post a replay if you have where you counter the living crap out of this retarded build. Thanks in advance.

1 cyclone 1 raven beats 1 early BC. If by chance they are doing double starport, you need to get a read on that ASAP and get vikings and a few more cyclones. Forget tanks and medivacs for a bit. You need to hold off those BCs. If you can’t hold the first BC with a raven and cyclone, you need to work on your micro. There is a reason why BC rush/proxy is rarely seen in TvT

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Scouting always helps a lot. Try to send a reaper in to the main at some point to get a read on what they are doing. If they are taking a late 2nd especially (usually the case with early BCs), at least scan to find out what they are doing. If its a late second and you see a tech lab on a starport, immediately build engineering bay and a turret in each mineral line. It will either be cloaked banshees or battlecruisers (probably not ravens). One turret can do a lot of work in defending a mineral line if you get scv mass repair on it.

Other than that, you should have one cyclone and at least some vikings at this point in the game. Vikings are useful for many things (denying drops & libs, giving tank vision extension and defending ravens). A click your vikings in and focus on microing the cyclone. Once you get a lock on just move the cyclone out of BC range and maintain the lock on. It’s not that difficult. Once you get it this is a very hard counter to early BC jumps, with a few vikings and turrets as well. But even just a few vikings, some marines w stim and a cyclone can easily deal with it.

More annoying is when they fly the BC in and then jump it out for repair. If they do this you need ravens, so you can disable and kill them. Otherwise the BCs are too efficient.