Battlecruiser nerf

just give bcs the energy back, pvt will be all good, now fix pvz problem and everything will be much better for toss players

Just remove disrupters, just remove storm and everything will be all right for Terran players.

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We literally have the counters for everything toss has. They don’t need to remove anything. No offense but it’s your lack of skill that makes it harder to counter them. Ghosts counter HT. Liberators counter coloss, stalkers, carriers, disruptors, sometimes voidrays, depends on the count and upgrades.

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You were a little late dude this whining was done years ago when BCs had energy and guess what … they were even weaker against protoss than they are now.

It was a time when they didn´t even need Void Rays or Tempest, just a handful of Stalkers and a few feedbacks and yes … Total comfort for the Protoss as the death ball of Colossus-Storm is right now, It was a time of Protoss balance, not real balance; but they already have run out of the ticket and a few patches back it was finally BALANCED, or am I saying the term wrong as they say when you have a garbage unit that has no role or contribution to your army?

They were a sack of potatoes to hit because they did not even have that function of attacking while moving like now, so sorry man u are a bit late.