Battle Poker is not working

Every time I try and make a lobby or join a lobby to play Battle Poker the game never starts it takes everyone to the map and does nothing please help.

You will likely need to speak with the map creator rather than Activision.

Some ways to narrow this issue down would be:

  1. Do you have the same problem with any other maps?
  • If yes, then the problem may be your SC2 / computer.
  • If no, then the problem is this particular map.
  1. Does anyone else have the same problem with this map?
  • If yes, then it confirms the issue with the map.
  • If no, then we go back to a possibility of your SC2 / computer.


If the issue is your SC2 / computer, the only few troubleshooting steps that are available would be:

  • Delete your cache (run a search in the forums / google for an official FAQ page on how to do so).
  • Reinstall SC2 (note that you may lose your saved game / custom games bank progression).

If the issue is the map, there is nothing Activision can do about it. You can only contact the map creator (hopefully there’s some form of email / discord channel that the map info has). It is probable that the map creator has stopped editing the map (and it broke due to a recent patch, maybe).

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What’s with you and “activision”?

Of all games avaialble through blizzard entertainment, all except the cod games belong to blizzard. Blizzard makes and even publishes their own games. Activision publishing has had zero hand in blizzards games. So please stop referencing activision as you are going to end up sending unsuspecting people to activision looking for help and they wont find any there.

If youre referring to “Activision Blizzard” the parent company of both blizzard, activision and 3 other franchises, they also arent going to have a micromanaging hand in the individual games… thats for the games creators to handle. Youre going to end up sending people to “activision blizzard” looking for help and they wont find any there.

if its blizzards game, call it that so you dont se d people on wild goose chases.

It’s not just him, it’s almost all Arcade games. With the exception being maybe Direct strike.

I wouldn’t confuse this issue with the ongoing server issue. This happened 8 days ago, when the server is fine. The current issue allows people to join, but not to create.