Banes are still busted Soul

Zerg players should whine and ask for buffs until Dimaga is able to win again with 20 blord switches like he did on the past.

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A 10% damage nerf did nothing to a unit that only attacks once? lol, ok. And add that to the pile of ridiculous nerfs that Zerg already has and you have a horrible match up.

Oh right, that match up where Protoss isn’t hurting at all and still got help. It amazes me how people can see Protoss doing better than Zerg overall and somehow think Zerg is strong because of Serral and Reynor lol.

banes are the only way to beat brainless mass marine. Banes not only cost more money than a marine it does cost gas as well. So how are banes cost effecient to marines?. Those retards man…

I didn’t see that runby got back and sandwitched his army, i thought it died in souls base. You must be happy right now… Nevertheless it doesn’t change a thing. It was just bad example…

Thanks for finding the game. I’d also like to add a lot of souL’s army supply was in the reinforcing parade.

Many many zergs have best him. I think I posted something about a month ago about serrals tournament performance in 2020 alone. He has lost 10 matches (ie a best of 3, best of 5, etc). 7/10 were to other Zerg players. Specifically rogue, elazer, lambo, reynor and some unknown guy called wizard have beaten him in a multigame match where money has been on the line. In fact I think everyone except wizard has beaten serral more than once in a match within the last 2-3 years. It’s beyond the point of being new or surprising. I find it really odd that average pros like lambo and elazer so consistently beat serral yet the best protoss and Terran can’t beat him at all.

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Because ZvZ is that way,just a single mistake can cost you the game, zvz defensive aspect is pretty bad, so everything is down to numbers and upgrades, you can’t really hold attacks if you don’t have enough units or are behind in upgrades, you miss an inject or do it late and you will have 3 less roaches than the enemy.In the end the better player should win a series, but losing games in zvz is not surprising,some parts of zvz are really coinflippy, I have beaten 4500-4600 zerg and my average as Z is probably around 4k, probably would never beat T and P, but against Z I know I have at least a chance.

I think all mirror matchups are that way, very punishing and unforgiving. However I don’t punch above my weight in mirror matchups. If anything I think my mirror matchup is probably 300-400 MMR lower than vs other races because the matchup is so volatile and unpredictable. However serrals mirror matchup performance still speaks to issues regarding balance in my opinion though some would say well maybe he’s just really really good at ZVP and ZVT and needs to work on his ZVZ more.

In PvP you have DT, warp ins in the enemy base, batteries, disruptors, forcefields.In TvT you have tanks, PF, liberators. And in both matchups there is no way to pump out 1000 units in just a single click, you can scout and if you see a lot of raxes and gates you will see the enemy is going to do many units, in zvz you just see hatcheries, which can make drones or can make combat units, you drone while the enemy is making army and you are dead.

there is this old and accurate meme about mirrors

I think all of the mirror matchups have the same problem. They are all very volatile where you expand slowly and cannot play greedy or exotically because you can often only counter enemy units with the very same units and if you have less you die due to snowballing. Proxy immortal dominated PVP so much not that it was too strong when defended well but that if you tried anything other than one or two other types of openers you just die on the spot. It was so restricting to gameplay. PVP has actually gotten a bit better with shield batteries being buffed but it’s still very volatile because PVP has a lot of dynamicity with openings that you don’t see as much in ZVZ and TVT. Stargate play vs robo
vs twilight play all interact in a rock paper scissors dynamic involving one or two units that decide the entire game. Build order losses are way way more common in PVP. But anyway all mirror matchups suck I guess is all I’m trying to say.