Banes are still busted Soul

Soul had 100 army supply vs 50. He pre-splited all his army and reynor rolls over him with 50 supply… Banes are too cost efficient. Less damage doesn’t do anything, because they are AoE units. All it takes hit from ling, or another bane to finish marines, which survive with red hp… It does literally nothing… This change was just placebo, so Blizzard can say they nerfed banes. As usual their chances have little to no impact!!!


So basically a low tier Terran got outplayed by the 2nd best Zerg in the world?

Sounds like a Git gud L2P issue


So basically Terran pre-splited everything and couldn’t possibly do anything better and than Zerg just a moved with lesser army and rolled everything over.

I get you peace.


So what you’re saying is, Reynor was able to split his banelings better than Soul’s presplit and Soul didn’t target fire his tanks onto banes. Got it.


Apparently Terrans should be rewarded for bad micro

they’re literally one of the least cost efficient units in the game

Blizzard didn’t nerf banes to help Terran but it made Terran very OP in the match up now. Nerfs will be coming soon, don’t worry.


Reynor isn’t the 2nd best zerg in the world.

He beats serral but serral pretty much loses only to zergs of all caliber. A zerg beating serral isn’t really that big a deal anymore.

I think most people would say right now it’s serral, DRG, and rogue who are on top. After that its solar, reynor, and a bunch of other guys.

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Acording to Aligulac, Reynor is numero uno, Serral is probably better, but Reynor is pretty close to him right now.

How many players did it?, Serral losing a single series is already a big deal, last tournament Serral only lost 4 maps, not a single series.

Ahh, the meltdown continues, I see.
Have you tried yoga?


blizzard said this change was aimed at PvZ and you complain because bio was minimally affect?

I also want to see the game so i can see 100 supply of bio lose to 50 supply of zerg. i think you aren’t telling us everything.

I don’t know anything about SC2. So i just found out banelings were buffed, because 16 marine drop and Buyn was too good at sniping banelings. Banelings were never buffed since WoL patch 0.8. And all of the sudden they got +5hp in LOTV. I so i guess they were imbalanced 5+ years and Blizzard finally fixed they by buffing their hp!!! But now they randomly nerfed them, so i guess they broken them with +5hp. Btw banes are only important in ZvP. Banes vs Terran are completely useless and only patch Terrans complain about them… right.

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yeah they did get extra life. right at the same time Tanks got extra damage, which would obviously mean they would do extra damage to banelings, which would OBVIOUSLY impact the Bio Balance.

that’s not what i said.
i said that the last balance patch, the one where they wanted to nerf the baneling? that change was aimed at Zerg Vs Protoss, not against Terran. here let me show you

Previously Proposed Changes:

* ~~Centrifugal Hooks no longer grants Banelings +5 HP.~~
* ~~Centrifugal Hooks cost decreased from 150/150 to 100/100.~~

**We agree with feedback that the previously proposed Baneling changes would impact ZvT greater than ZvP and, as such, we won’t be moving forward with these changes. However, we still want to make some adjustment to Banelings for ZvP.** When we asked for further feedback about the difficulty of late game PvZ, the responses generally did not involve specific unit interactions in late game (apart from Feedback vs. Abduct). Rather, many responses focused on the generally favorable positions Zerg players could enter late game with. Notable examples included unfettered creep spread, high drone counts, and the ease of defending pushes. As Banelings are generally the core unit Zerg players use to defend pre-Hive Protoss timings, we believe targeting the combat effectiveness of Banelings would force Zerg players to transition to late game less greedily.

New Change:

* Baneling weapon damage changed from 20 (+15 vs light) to 18 (+17 vs light).

This new change should impact PvZ more so than TvZ as a much greater proportion of the typical mid game Protoss army is non-light compared to the typical mid game Terran bio army. After this change, smaller non-light units such as Marauders, Roaches, Stalkers, and Siege Tanks will generally take one additional hit from Banelings while beefier units such as Thors, Archons, and Immortals will generally take more.

and to further hammer home my point. here is the initial post about upcoming balance changes.

## TVZ

Though we had concerns with TvZ in last season’s map pool, considering the current maps, the matchup looks healthy both from a gameplay and a balance perspective.

so clearly blizzard already considered TvZ balanced, and wanted to minimally impact TvZ, thus, as they stated, the baneling change was entirely aimed at nerfing banelings in ZvP.

Imagine QQing over Reynor vs Soul :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

That would be like a Zerg complaining that TY beat DIMAGA… Zerg players don’t do that though…

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What do you expect really? These are stereotypical terran whiners. They have even complained when their pros have won 3-0 matches because, in one game, their hero Maru/TY/Innovation/whatever did not win hard enough “Oh my god because baneligns are so OP and terran is like the hardest race and my pro is so much more skilled than all other ez a-move pros from other races”.

There is no hope with stereotypical terran whiners. They have that stereotype for a reason, and prove it all the time.

the game in question starts around 6 hour and 48 minutes.

so yes, soul had 100 army supply. he also had very little eco behind it and was all in.
most wasn’t even participating in the engagement when it happened.
soul did pre split his army into small groups but he didn’t micro his troops at all, and small groups of banes were able to take out much higher supply worth of bio because he didn’t focus fire banelings.
his groups were fragmented and easily surrounded and killed.

Then its a good thing the bane nerf wasn’t directed at terran players.

I agree the bane nerf didn’t do what it was supposed to in PvZ though.

Lol. No, it really didn’t. 2 damage less on armoured units broke absolutely nothing in the matchup.

i think PvZ and TvP can’t be fixed short of completely reworking protoss.

Honestly i disagree. I personally don’t think that there is anything really problematic in TvP. If there is, it can be boiled down to a few small things that add up.

In saying that I do agree that a full redesign of Protoss would be needed to deal with the numerous bandaid fixes that have been patched onto them time after time. So many problems that stem from Warpgate alone…

at this point the only way i can see even attempting to fix PvZ without a full rework is starting at 2 Ravager Biles to kill a Force Field. beyond that i’m at a loss without huge impacts into TvZ.

Reverting the FB nerff and returning Infestor’s IT would be a good start (for mid-late game), for early-mid game the Ravager fix would work.

Yeah, I don’t have any answers unfortunately. When I play ZvP, I feel like I have free reign to do whatever I want. When I’m on the other side it feels like a nightmare.

But reality is, neither my Z nor my P are as good as my T (because I don’t play either frequently), so I dont have a whole lot to say about the matchup other than what I observe in pro games and the games my friends play.