Balancing Protoss Pro-League

As a long time player in BroodWar and Starcraft 2 Protoss lover, It’s sad to see Protoss keeps losing in the latest GSL S1 RO16 with even Hero, Stats, Creator and only Classic lower bracket to RO8 and I know it’s hard to balance proscene vs ladder match for the race.
However, I think it’s time to bring the balance to our core Gateway Ground Units (Stalkers, Zealots) back to their Brood War days of Dragoon and Broodwar Zealot instead of just Chargies/ Blinkies lategame with Collosus/Archon/Disruptor actually doing the work. In short, Please kindly give them the lategame upgrade in Templar Archon so they can be cost efficient lategame and not affecting the early game balance (maybe increase their Build Price; or Making 2 versions to build (Simple DPS Dragoon vs Blink Stalker); or Removing Charge/Blink but remain more Durable/Higher DPS and be cost-efficient lategame) . Balancing around 1 OP unit will just eventually get them nerfed or removed (mothership core).

I know it’s extremely hard but discussion are made to improve the game overall for all starcraft lovers, we also don’t want other races to get 1 shot from OP units like disruptor with huge radius shot so Simple Flexible Upgrade is optimal to our casual players, ladder match and proscene IMO.