Balance Update - August 13, 2020

Zerg still OP, Not even a single game loss.
oh wait my bad Zerg did lose vs Zerg
ZvZ Am I Rite?

I heard it’s Because AI gives less priority to neuraled units, carriers did bypass this rule because ceptors were treated as separate units


so they should nerf one of zergs best options against mech in a balanced matchup?

you do realize that Stats beat Rogue earlier in the season right? but hey, ignore that because it doesn’t fit your agenda.



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Aww, poor forum zergs. Blizzard keeps telling them that their wrong no matter how many whine posts on the forums they spam. How will you make it through this…

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The latest patch weren’t mentioned in the patch notes or on this forum. It was a mistake and the patch itself was a mistake. It’s ok to make mistakes. Just revert everything and apologize and everything will be fine. Don’t be too hard on yourselves, everyone makes mistakes

Did the tempest change affect much yet ?

Wait. Hold on. This goes live and we never had chance to play Testing? Or am I wrong?

Hm… sounds familiar. cough midgame baneling runbys cough

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The testing was about one week long for the first balance proposal, with then about another testing week interval in between the final proposal and the live patch.

While it’s short indeed, there aren’t usually that many people using the Testing section of the game. And so if the devs really wanna see the practical results of those, they either have to set up a balance map tournament, or to make it live.

I recently saw WhiteRa’s stream btw, who likes to go for special tactics. And he was testing a 3 voidrays opener, into colossus with zealots/stalkers and archons. As the voidrays induced most of the time an hydra reaction, it provided interesting results, with something of a WoL feel visually. :thinking: