Balance Update - August 13, 2020

They cut that in half.

Full quote:

In addition, we’d like to address the community’s current stance on ZvP late game; our perspective is that the community at large currently believes that ZvP is heavily Zerg-favored in late game. On this topic, what we hear from many top Protoss players is that the late game unit interactions between the two races are not inherently lopsided, especially after changes to Feedback. (In fact, there are players from both sides who believe it is Protoss favored.) Rather, there’s an agreement that the primary problem with late game is the difficulty of getting there on equal footing with the Zerg, especially in the face of constant harassment, the power of defensive Banelings on Creep, and general unfettered Creep spread, as Protoss often feel like they have to choose between expanding and pressuring.

Which basically says that lategame is not as bad as the community thinks because there are even protoss pro players who say that its protoss favored. But only because some think that it doesnt mean its the general notion tho. The general agreement on this is because midgame is heavily z favored its hard to get on equal footing on lategame. But as Showtime says: PvZ lategame is at least winnable compared to 2019. So we will see what the future brings.

Of course not enough. I want games to be easy like Zerg you know. A move banelings to everything until nerfed next patch

Why not. tempest to 32s, maybe I should not ask for 39s but for 32s. So we have the same build time.

The thing is that you can’t have Tempest build faster than Voids and nearly as fast as Oracles (36 sec)…

no worries
1 out of 4 was already reverted
another 1 will be when the patch is finalized
then the remaining two will be reverted later


Aww, poor protoss players. Only getting 6 buffs instead of 7 while Zerg is getting their one viable core unit nerfed. How will you make it through this…

i don’t understand the change for neuraled carriers, why shouldn’t they be as annoying for them to deal with as it is for us ?? HOW IS THAT FAIR??? i don’t understand their logic.

the unit interaction somehow changes because of a skill?? why?? why can’t we have an option to not target interceptors?? toss already has enough hand holding with their auto range attack templars… SMH. protoss and their training wheels.

Because it makes Carriers almost completely useless when the Protoss instantly kill the interceptors, so even if you kill the Infestor as soon as the neural was casted, that Carrier is still just a walking building as it eventually catches up on Interceptor production.

Do neural units draw aggro at all from their original owner? Because if they do, then this change is not as warranted. But if they don’t, then changing the interceptor just makes it consistent with all other units.

calm down stretch
a wise man once said “18+17 = 16+19”
Maybe it is about time you stop crashing 500 banelings into a single archon

you’ll be fine

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actually, they do the same thing they do with colossuses. Bane is given a more specific role. anti light.

20% nerf to armoured units… “See, nothing is changing”


How about not changing the voidray, carrier and tempest? Pretty pleeease with sugar lums on top?? K thx bai

I feel like I lose hp every time I post on this forum. But I feel like I have no choice but to post

don’t worry, late game team games 20 minute no rush into mass airtoss is still beatable. You’ll be fine.

Hmm… I’d like to see them do something about swarm host nydus next patch.


I think they pretty much showed that they committed to the idea of the swarmhost beeing the way it is.

I think this mechanic ruins the game as well, but there’s probably no chance that it will ever get a complete rework.

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Fix the Ravens and bring back the seeker missile to stop the mass mutas and voids. Swarm host are OP but you do nothing to nerf them.

Where were you Mr. Stretch when they nerffed our Zealots? You partied till morning…i thought as much.
Calm down, when they will nerff the Zergling’s Adrenal you will fully understand.
Until then, thank God that Blizz did not address properly the PvZ and opted for half-a_s_s solutions.

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Zealots were too strong. There were so many chargelot all ins that were insanely difficult to hold. Zerg doesn’t have any popular banelings timings, that’s how you know they’re completely overrated.

And I’m not saying every Protoss unit is too strong. I think stalkers should get a buff. They’re way more interesting than zealots and they’re not great right now.

Banelings are literally the one unit that makes any comp viable. There isn’t a single viable comp (outside of all ins) that doesn’t include banelings.

They didn’t however have to totally gut all chargelot builds.

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