Automatic victory

Automatic victory in a battle vs AI in offline mode. Everything is OK before the update.
And this is right after I bought the game !!! Very nice!!!


I have the same issue. Its my preferred method of gaming. Now its not working. has happened a lot to blizzard games (they are broken after the latest patches),


I experienced the same issue. In a MELEE Offline mode vs AI, after the game start countdown, it automatically gives me a VICTORY. This is only after the latest 5.0 patch which makes all offline maps unplayable


Same issue. If either I start the game without an internet connection or I create an offline game the AI is missing and it’s an instant victory. A very frustrating problem if you travel often and don’t have an internet connection. Also you can’t get to enjoy fooling around with cheats.



I’m trying to play a melee game but no AI’s are added to the game and the game auto-wins when the game starts. I navigate the in-game menu Custom->Melee->Blizzard maps. I right-click and select “Create Offline Game” and then fill the lobby with AI allies and opponents. When the game starts a countdown begins and then the game goes to the win message. Looking around the map, no AI opponents were added.

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Yep i have the exact same problem.

bump. blizz is lazy. they didnt even want to patch this problem.

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the same here…wake up guys

Hey folks,

Bliz is aware of the issue with offline play and have started the process of investigating it.

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Well, if we had any idea of what’s involved in fixing it, then yeah we might have room to criticize. But since we don’t have the slightest clue as to what’s involved, how difficult or easy it is and/or what the patching cycles are, no, heikg, we have nothing base such claims on.

And as to you proclaimed campaign of spamming about it until they start addressing it, 1) you don’t know that they haven’t, in fact they’ve overtly stated they have, and 2) you run the risk of losing your posting privileges, which would be all for nothing seeing forum spam isn’t going change their internal plans.