Autocast inject larvae of queens!

I’m asking to add autocast larvae option on zerg queens please, come on, you can do it !


Maybe better option remove the ability and just put on hatch.

I think fundamental flaw that u have take eyes off battle field you can do on map but even pros don’t do that they hot key queens and squall hatcheries. This is annoying to watch and for most part extra step that either rework skill or out hatch just hitting button 9 time with out looking at hatch.

I also forgot you can preload larva so you can cast multiple queens inject. So because of this might as well make auto cast

It’s manual on purpose. The idea is to make Zerg macro move involved. Because you are EXPECTED to miss injects it makes Zerg economy weaker. Only if you master inject timing you get full economy efficiency. They will never put it on auto. Technically it’s trivial, but it’s their design decision. If everybody could hit injects 100% of time, it would be a BIG boost to Zerg in general and Zerg recently wins most tournaments, so this will not happen for sure. Forcing you to inject regularly is their idea of rising the skill cap for Zerg players.

I don’t see it that big boost then people build 3 hatcheries at every spot.

I always float about 3k easy. Building 9 to 12 hatcheries won’t be problem.

Plus’s hatcheries record up to 10 times so build 3 queens auto ject first two times important but after you can make last couple minutes.