Attachments not working as intended and other actor stuff

I know im probably writing to the air, since there are barely any people left to make improvements but I will write it anyway.


In War3 where models were simpler, I have no explanation how and why attachments were working better - I’ve seen quite some mods where people would put a sword on a bare handed hero and the sword would move well…

in SC2 it is like as if they designed the attachments so that everyone to be making Uberlisks or tentacles and nothing else. Look how an attachment moves:

This is supposed to be a bubble like a helmet around his head. What happens, instead of moving as one model with the head (like if I edited the model to put a sphere on his head)… it bounces like a ball hitting his head in Animations. That is the attachment goes with the movement of the head but with DELAY as if a tail of a body object or tentacle.

You know how devs thought they made a super powerful editor with so many things but I know many people who have been using World Editor prefer it for some obvious reasons: The fields in War3 you need are right there, you do not need a degree in Editor to know what does what.

The Editor has so many fields that I think many of them are never used but you do not know when to keep them

And from all ways to manipulate particles and physics, nothing to fix this Attachment issue.

ACTORS (Need more terms)

For some time I was trying to apply an actor action like Model Swap or so on two same Unit Type placed on the map without making a whole separate unit, or I wanted to remove portrait of it with actor event in editor without just making a separate unit.

The only thing I tried was a Term Height Is so if I put unit to have height 0.1 another 0.15 to see the applied effect in editor for two same type units, I am lacking other terms.

A term such as ‘Unit == Select unit on the map’ so you can distinguish units of same type on the map would help…

Also in Triggers you can select Actor events as conditions but they are nothing to work, what is this unfinished stuff? Example, why would you need actor conditions on Triggers? This below makes no sense

    General -If (Conditions) then do (Actions) else do (Actions)
            (AnimSetTime "Stand" 0.0 False) == (AnimBracketStop "Stand" 0 -1.0 As Automatic)