Ask: Desolate Queen Imagery

Since I’ve seen it unresolved in bugs.

When switching to Desolate Queen, the game should:

  • Automatically change the top left icon

  • Automatically change the co-op commander image when you select her

  • Automatically change to Human Kerrigan voice

  • Automatically change left-side character animations to Human Kerrigan

I’m honestly exceedingly surprised that coop has been out for this long, and prestige has been out for several years and this has still gone overlooked.

Issue is the prestige update came out pretty dang close to when they halted development on the game.

Until very recently, there was also a major gameplay bug with H&H. It only got fixed because a member of the community did the work, then the community badgered Blizzard until they ghost implemented the fix. No credits, or even acknowledgement that the issue was fixed.

For these issues, it’s very unlikely we’d see it fixed to be honest. Largely because some are outside the realm of what a community member would have access to change.

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The only surprise would be if Bliz took an 180 turn and came out with a bunch of fixes and new contents.

Neglected bugs are definitely not a surprise :rofl:.


And Desolate Queen’s hitbox is WAY too big. She’s terran(ish), not a winged blade queen.

I can get way out of the way of certain AOE attacks and yet still get hit. Those stasis bonus objective things in the rite of rakshir for instance. get caught in that despite being well outside the circle.