Are there any plans to transfer any earned talents?

Just to clarify the question: Are there any plans to transfer any grinded prestige talents to the live client once this leaves the PTR phase?
It doesn’t have to be 1:1, so people can cheese grind it in PTR, but it could be something like if you earned any amount of prestige talents on PTR (1 to 3 per any given commander), on the live client, when it updates, you get 1 free prestige per commander you prestiged in PTR.

I’m mostly asking since I don’t want to grind all of them out on the PTR for testing purposes, and then just get nothing on the live client. I’m already dreading those 1140 Brutal mission playthroughs from scratch just to get them in the live client…

PTR is not grinding… 1 casual game->1 prestige talent

Regular game it will be grinding

I don’t think Blizzard has ever transferred anything from PTR to live servers in any capacity. This being a thing since they started PTRs on WoW so many years ago.

All you get is an advantageous head start knowing how things work.

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Exactly. You get to try things out and know whats worth grinding towards. That’s more than sufficient.

It is grinding though. An average game takes anywhere between 10 and 15 minutes (assuming both players are fresh at level 1.) To get all prestiges in one commander plus full power takes 4 rounds. 40 minutes to an hour. Then an additional like… 6 or 8 games to get Mastery 90. That’s an additional hour/1:20 to 1:30/2 hours. Then multiply the original grind (40 minutes to an hour) by the number of commanders we have. That is a grind.

But seeing as how nothing will carry over from PTR, I see no further point in continuing it. It was a nice little test, but I’ll leave it to the rest of the people to try stuff out. I got what I wanted from it.

PTRs are basically beta testing for patches. Changes can and do happen based on player feedback; they’ll run it as long as they need to.


Yeah, I got to test some of the neat new toys that my main commanders use (except Oil Baron, since they haven’t fixed that crash yet.) But to keep grinding for the others just doesn’t seem worth it to me.