Are MULES more effective in blue zones?

I believe they are, but if so, how much more? I have yet to come across this with a non-P1 Raynor, and Stetmann! I believe regular MULE gets you 450 minerals.

As far as I understand Egon’s Stetzones can make mining slightly faster on virtue of the speed boost. But I don’t believe it actually affects how fast a worker that is in the middle of mining a node finishes.

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But since MULEs don’t get saturated by normal SCVs the blue would speed up the overall amount of mining speed (mining plus moving)


It’s got to do something for them, since only a crazy Raynor would actually saturate Mules. I don’t think it’d be all that much, though, since Mules spend a lot more time mining than moving compared to regular workers.

Blue zone must be convenient when you call down a mule to repair stuff on the battlefield, and then order her to try and go to base for harvesting.
More likely to work this way.

Uhh… People send them back after?

I… Just let them rust on the field and call more in back at home, heh.

Aren’t you annoyed by the “idle workers” thing lighting up?

Eh, can’t say I pay attention to it too much in coop beyond using it as a convenient way to grab all my quick builders for Swann and Mengsk.