Arcade's amazing coop campaign

During this quarantine period my friends and I were messing around in the arcade and found a 3 player version of both the Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm campaigns. Not only have the maps been altered and the difficulty adjusted, but there are plenty of new upgrades, research options, mutations, etc.

In the Wings of Liberty campaign, for example, you get three different options for protoss and zerg research. In missions where you play as Raynor, one person controls Jim while the other two people each get their own buffed up marine-like unit. In the Zeratul missions the other players control a “Zeratul’s apprentice” unit with their own unique abilities.

The Heart of the Swarm campaign was also incredible. One player controls Kerrigan, while the other two players control Naktul and Dowudiru. Each has a complete tree of upgrades, just like Kerrigan. Each mutation mission gets an entirely new strain, and each unit gets 4 possible upgrades instead of three. Overall, these missions are a blast. If you love the campaigns, you’ll love this coop version. I would highly recommend it.


Ok, what’s it called? That’s important information. ;p

Also, paragraphs.


Right. You’ll want to start with Wings of Liberty Coop 1. Liberation Day

Ive played it. Im a big fan. One curious thing we noticed is that your max supply cap falls the more players you play with, so while you still have more power due to the extra income, having more players isn’t a linear improvement.


This sounds awesome! Thanks for the recommendation

Related question: are there single player versions of the co op maps anywhere?


I’ve been looking for it in Arcade but wasn’t able to find it at all - no results for the search “wings of liberty”. I’m on the US server.

(Sorry to revive a 1-month old thread but didn’t want to start a new one for this.)

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Just type “coop” and you should find it.

I’ve tried “coop”, “co-op”, “co op” - no results. I can see that there are ungreyed-out blue boxes but the search never yields anything, even after 2 mins. There’s no content in those boxes, just the outline.

Maybe a bug with the search?

Update: Created a bug report - Can't find Co-op Campaign maps in Arcade

Could you verify that the maps are currently available and have not been removed? And on which server are you finding them?

I see them on the Americas server still up. The name format is “Wings of Liberty Coop [Mission #] [Mission name]” with no brackets.

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I can assure the map series is there because i bookmarked every single one of them.

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Silly question, how long are you waiting for everything to load? If your internet and computer arent top of the line, searching anything in the arcade can take a while.

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Thanks for the additional confirmation. On the US server?

Not a silly question. First thing I tried was to wait longer. Is 5 mins long enough? Will now try a 15 minute wait after :arrow_down:

I’ve even cleared my Battle net cache and files as per these two support articles:

  1. Deleting the Cache Folder
  2. Deleting Files

My next trial would be for someone who can see the maps add me to their party and start a game. Maybe that would “trigger” the finding of things.

Edit, btw:

So don’t know if it’s being found but content doesn’t get populated or if it’s just not being found at all.

Try annoying someone from bug report.

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:slight_smile: Already trying: Can't find Co-op Campaign maps in Arcade

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Yes, i am in the US server so the maps should also be there.

I also had the same problem as you so best thing you can do is wait for the search results for some minutes (1-2) if nothing shows up, reload the results again. It can be time consuming but it’s the best thing to do. I did the same and somehow got it.

The best keyword also appeared to be “coop” as pointed out.

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Finally found it. 30+ minute wait for the result to actually load - from being an unfilled (but not greyed out) blue box to something with text and image. Not all the maps showed up in the search, that took a while longer.

And then another 10 minutes for “Create lobby” to get enabled (map dependencies).

Thanks, everyone, for the help.

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Whats the Heart of Swarm campaign Co-op i cant seem to find it, only found the wings!

it’s called “coop hots” (I think)