[Arcade] Hero Mass Wars

Hero Mass Wars
Discord: SC2 Hero Mass Wars

Hello everyone, just wanted to post on the forums the new map I’ve been working on for some time now and grow the community a little bit if possible.

Game Type: Hero Battle Arena, RTS

Available Game Modes: Free-For-All, 2v2v2, 3v3

Average Game length: 30 Minutes

Map Description:
Players have access to 1 Hero unit of their choosing at the start of the game and army units which spawn periodically.

The Goal of the game is to destroy all enemy photon cannons to win whilst defending your base to prevent others from doing the same.

Kills reward players with minerals which can be spent to upgrade army units. These include: Weapon, health, armor, attack speed, lifesteal and hero damage upgrades

At certain kill thresholds (250, 500, 800, 1200, 1600) army units can be upgraded to a higher tier giving them a slight buff to health and damage.

Players can strategically chose their upgrade unit to counter-pick an opponents unit type. There is a guide in-game to help players figure out what the unit attributes are and which units they deal increased damage to.

Hero Units can also be upgraded by purchasing equipment using minerals. Each hero has veterancy and learns abilities as they level and attribute points which can be allocated. They also have equipment menus to show the units model and what items are equipt in real time. Each Hero can equipt a weapon, an armor and 2 accessories at a time. Items can be sold back to the shop for a full refund to allow different build diversities.

Boss units spawn periodically throughout the game in the middle of the map. These bosses are powerful beings which rewards players vespene proportionally to the damage dealt to them. Vespene can be used to purchase legendary items for the heroes or converted into minerals to spend on the army units. As the game progresses, more powerful items will become available for heroes to utilize.

To incentivise players to hold the middle of the map in addition to boss fights, holding middle rewards the player with minerals and kills over time and increased armor and health regeneration.

Final Thoughts:
Please join the discord to connect with others and be notified of all updates and balancing changes. There is also a feature request section for players if needed.

Thanks for reading and I hope you come try the map out!