Apple M1 support?

I started this thread, I decided to pay people to test it.

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I hope you get some results… checked your thread, looks like nobody tried to play ladder?
I’d test and share… if I had an M1 Mac.

Following this to see if there’s any official word. StarCraft II would definitely benefit from Apple Silicon native support.

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lets just follow to see if there is an update, would be nice to run native

My current experience with my M1 MacBook Pro - 8gb ,

I can play at medium settings while in a 1v1 ladder match, but will suffer noticeable frame drops when in the late game 200v200 and most bases taken. Also, the fan will be working full time at this point so the pro definitely has an advantage over the air or Mac mini when it comes to thermals.

I can play at lowest settings and have no performance issues, the fan is essentially off most of the time.

Interestingly, the graphics settings recommend high settings, and the game will start at 30 fps, but will quickly drop to below 20 when the mid game is reached.

Hope we see some better optimization with rosetta or native support.

*** Also to note I’m using the 24 inch LG ultra fine 4k display via thunderbolt, and I’m running the game at 1080p

Some apps have amazing performance on the new M1, even through Rosetta, sadly SC2 is not one of them :(.

I really hope we get native support or that the new M1X manages to make up for it. SC2 is the only game I play on my Mac and it runs really well on my Late 2013 MacBook Pro with a dedicated graphics card, but I will need to upgrade soon.

It would be really cool from Blizzard to provide a native version if it’s not too much work. They should have already some experience in porting the other games.

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lucky you… some of us still waiting for overwatch to come to the Mac on the first place lol

Me too. Also want to bump this thread.

So I but the bullet and bought an M1 air 16GB with the 7 GPU cores.
Installed and ran no problems
Ladder: Native resolution, tested on low and medium settings, both get 82-92fps, but that’s not the full story, there are drops to 4fps, and sometimes I had issues scrolling the map.

Over and above that, the M1 is fast, but it’s not life-changing-living-up-to-the-hype fast. I get the exact same butter smooth performance with rapid frame drops when browsing and running tons of open tabs, something which my 7-year-old MBP15 deals with fine, also with 16GB memory but with a dedicated GPU.



Rudolf, I’m sorry if I sound ignorant – I am, in this area! – but hopefully you can help me out with an answer? When you say an M1 do you mean the Apple M1 mini? I’m looking to buy one of those to play Starcraft II and L4D: The Last Stand as my 2017’s desktop Mac 's video card is not up to snuff, but Blizzard’s tech support can’t tell me if the M1 mini’s video card will handle Starcraft II? So do you know if it can, and if so, if this is the machine you bought, can you be more specific as to the specs? You’re saying you bought a 16GB but the two in the Apple Store both have 8GB - did you pay more to have the extra installed? They also both have 8 GPU< and you’re saying 7? Any help would be appreciated!

My M1 runs fine with SC2, just turn the graphics down. I can’t tell a difference in performance when compared to my 2018 MBP.

Just want to add my voice to this thread. My 2013 iMac is no longer MacOS upgradable, so I’m looking at the M1 iPad-looking iMac.