Apple M1 CPU/GPU performance patch

Is blizzard working on a performance patch for the M1?

I’m hoping to replace my current Mac to the latest one with the M1 CPU and I’m not sure if I hold on it since it runs SC2 relatively well and face the current downgraded performance with the M1 CPU/GPU that comes with the latest Macs.


I am not hopeful any of the games will be updated to the M1 chip. It looks like Blizzard is slowly dropping mac support entirely outside of WoW. They have been silent about their plans for the M1 chip.

SC2 is more or less completed but hardware constantly evolves. If blizzard doesn’t want to update the software to work with newer hardware, surely they can turn it over to an organization that could?

If Blizz is going to drop Mac support, they should at least start supporting Linux. It is a wonderfully mature OS and gaming platform at this point. Steam has proven that in spades.

Blizzard, please update! I’ve been playing SC2 since it came out and it would be such a disappointment to be unable to continue!


+1. Would love to see SCII get proper native support for Mac like WoW.


Blizzard should think about the environment. Although StarCraft 2 runs somewhat nicely on an M1 Max through Rosetta 2, it would consume much less power if it were built for Apple Silicon.

Blizzard had an excellent reputation for porting games on Mac. It did a Carbon port for StarCraft 1 when Apple released MacOS X. Perhaps porting it to M1 chips is harder, in which case I’d be happy to pay for it.


Would also love it if the game supported Apple Silicon. My M1 Mac mini with 16 GB of memory plays it OK on medium settings at 1080p but it could be a lot smoother.

Although watching the way Blizz ignored StarCraft Remastered on Apple Silicon when that game wouldn’t even launch for a full year, I don’t have much hope.

The old pre-Activision Blizzard had a great reputation in the Mac community. The fact Diablo 2 Resurrected didn’t even come out for the Mac should show where Activision’s influence lies.

+1 I also wish for an update to Apple Silicon.
I would also buy another license or so …


I would also be willing to pay in order to keep SC2 in my library.

It’s probably my favorite game of all time.

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SC2 needs a preformance patch for M1, I have a $4000 dollar M1 PRO machine and custom games lag like crazy.

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I have been able to get the game kind of smooth by turning down/off all the settings that say they rely no the CPU. That’s physics, models, etc. It still dips pretty hard, though. This is literally the only game that makes me keep a PC around these days.

It’s been a year. Still no love from Blizzard

At this point I would gladly buy a stupid battle chest to help support the game getting updated for Apple Silicon. I’m definitely not giving up my Mac. Until then I’ll keep playing on Windows and complaining about Mac support in here.

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Another M1 Max user here who gave up playing Starcraft because of how poorly it plays on the M1. I would gladly pay $ to be able to play this game without the lag, crashing, etc. Wish they would make this Apple Silicon native like they did WoW. :frowning:

Recently installed Starcraft II just to see if anything improved. On medium settings on an M1 Max it lagged so bad I changed the settings to low and the game completely crashed. Uninstalled.

Oh well, we can hope.

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I saw there’s a 5.0.11 PTR patch for balance. While I don’t hold out much hope that it includes Apple Silicon support, it would certainly be nice.

Only balance fix and maps will be applied to SC2 now. The developers are no longer working for Blizzard and focus on their new title, Stormgate.

That’s ok, we’re just going to have to wait. SC2 is a very old game now.

I really hope Blizzard does something about this. I have been playing Starcraft for almost 20 years now, and while somehow Brood War works fine, I have more friends who play SC2. I can barely run the game at an even frame rate even on medium settings with my maxed out M2 MacBook Air. On my old Intel MacBook Pro I could do so without a hassle. I know that my computer is equivalent to a PC with a GTX1060 or better, and I can even run Total War Warhammer III just fine on it. But not a 13 year old game!

Please Blizzard, bring Apple Silicon support to the game. You already did for WoW, it would be amazing for us Mac users that are getting new Apple computers. Right now it’s one of the few applications on my Mac that doesn’t run natively.

If you’re also a Mac user that needs this, let’s keep posting so devs can see it!

Thanks Blizzard :pray:

Hi Blizzard! Thank you for Starcraft! I would love to get SC2 for apple silicon too! I would even buy a license again :smiley: