Apple M1 CPU/GPU performance patch

Is blizzard working on a performance patch for the M1?

I’m hoping to replace my current Mac to the latest one with the M1 CPU and I’m not sure if I hold on it since it runs SC2 relatively well and face the current downgraded performance with the M1 CPU/GPU that comes with the latest Macs.

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I am not hopeful any of the games will be updated to the M1 chip. It looks like Blizzard is slowly dropping mac support entirely outside of WoW. They have been silent about their plans for the M1 chip.

SC2 is more or less completed but hardware constantly evolves. If blizzard doesn’t want to update the software to work with newer hardware, surely they can turn it over to an organization that could?

If Blizz is going to drop Mac support, they should at least start supporting Linux. It is a wonderfully mature OS and gaming platform at this point. Steam has proven that in spades.

Blizzard, please update! I’ve been playing SC2 since it came out and it would be such a disappointment to be unable to continue!

+1. Would love to see SCII get proper native support for Mac like WoW.

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Blizzard should think about the environment. Although StarCraft 2 runs somewhat nicely on an M1 Max through Rosetta 2, it would consume much less power if it were built for Apple Silicon.

Blizzard had an excellent reputation for porting games on Mac. It did a Carbon port for StarCraft 1 when Apple released MacOS X. Perhaps porting it to M1 chips is harder, in which case I’d be happy to pay for it.