APM is not important

Let me just clarify that A high APM does not mean that you are a good player or more skilled than a person with a low APM, it just means you click and press buttons a lot. Soooo instead of looking at what someone’s APM is, the better stat is to look at how many units a player killed and how many buildings they razed… also there is a GM that has a low APM, soooo that means he is a more efficient player than most if he’s good and has a low APM(not sure of his name)…. So many crybabies and crap talkers always talk about my low APM, I still play and have fun and no I don’t stress myself out playing Starcraft 2, so let’s all just relax and enjoy the game. Let’s all stop worrying about APM and look at some better stats. Having a high APM is not important!!! If you want to impress me get a lower APM and kill more units/buildings! Aha!

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What an obvious troll post. The reason somebody has high APM is because they understand the game so well that they don’t have to pause and think before doing an action, and this lets them do many actions. If you deny this, that’s straight up delusional.

This is far from true. If you watch high level games they literally spam actions that have absolutely no bearing on the game, it’s done simply to increase APM.

Clicking an SCV in your base and setting multiple waypoints for it (mostly circles) before going back to it and invalidating every command you gave it just to build a supply depot.

Setting a hatchery hotkey and then clicking it multiple times just to move the camera back and forth for no reason.

The list goes on, APM should ONLY be counted when armies engage or when macroing a fight.


I actually agree with ghandi and the other guy on this one. Low apm dont mean your bad at all it just means your not waisting time clicking things pointlessly. Watch any high level casters and they spam click stuff constantly. I actually get sick watching there videos from the damn spam clicking they do, especially harstem with his camera hotkey spamming.


there is also the term EAPM, efficient apm.

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While such actions are useless in game, there are reasons that pro players do it. It helps keep their hands warm between games, keeps their fingers loose and mobile during the slowest part of the game etc. It’s not done purely to raise APM, though it does have a side-effect in game with increasing APM, and is frankly mostly mindless and reflexive.

Oh 100%. APM means very little all things considered. Thats why there are people who get to GM with low APM and why low APM challenges are a thing, where you get to masters or GM with under like… 120 apm or something. Winter did it a couple times, and a few others.


No dude it’s not a troll post, I’m just tired of delusional people thinking high APM is important, a more efficient player will obviously get more done with less actions. Think about this. Would you rather earn $100 by making 10 moves or by making 100 moves? (The moves are equal effort) obviously the 10 moves because it’s more efficient. Use your head dude it’s ok to think.

You’re talking to the guy that has a galaxy brain yet is held back by his grandpa hands.

I dont think there are a lot of guys thinking high apm is a very important thing. Besides batzy (the barcode guy) i dont know anyone who actually cares about apm.

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no they dont APM means squat
EPM means alot tho

You’d have to be delusional to think that the speed at which you play doesn’t impact your win-rate in a real time video game. You are definitely trolling. I don’t have time to read this BS. If I want to hear flat-earth nonsense I’d have given the flat earth society a call.

Ok now you’re just being unreasonable. It’s a real time strategy game, and I’m not necessarily talking about speed, I’m talking about APM. You’re really just being blatantly disrespectful now. This has nothing to do with flat earth I don’t know where you conjured that cockamaymee non-sense from… I agree with some of the other guys here… it’s nice to hear that there’s people that agree with me, if you think high APM is important then I don’t know what to tell you, I figured out right away that it didn’t mean anything and people were going crazy over nothing, I’m not trying to blatantly disrespect you, but you’re not giving me much to work with… play speed is more important on a game like call of duty modern warfare 2. THIS IS A STRATEGY GAME, the effective strategy is more important than how fast you click click click or smash buttons… if you’re getting all worked up and disrespectful over this post then you obviously have issues and maybe you should go to Church??? Thanks for the people who are being reasonable about this!!! It’s like a chess game it’s strategy dude, it’s not speed chess… LOL don’t stress yourself out click click clicking or pressing too many buttons it’s probably not good for your mental health :rofl:

there are situations in which speed (not apm) can give you an advantage.
because you can do more things in your macro cycle.
RTS … REAL TIME Strategy

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Yes. Robert greene said “the use of speed can bring you untold power” but ya speed and APM are 2 different things. You still have to react fast in certain situations. Sometimes I lose focus on my units for like 2 seconds and get completely blown away LOL.

Well, it impacts only to some point. I remember back in 2018 Winter had one stream, where he tried to win the games in gm by having as low apm as possible. He had 120 on protoss, 140 on terran, 180 on zerg. Some zerg players like Guru even were in pro-scene with 180-200 apm as zerg. So diamond players with 300 apm do not play better, than the players with 150 apm, because their “speed” does not result in any efficient moves.

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My APM is ridiculously low. It makes me actually feel kind of good because I make less moves and still am not too bad of a player, I’m not the best, usually only gold-platinum-ish in 4v4 … or something like that. I just started liking 2v2 I might even still be bronze. IDK/IDC really I just play to have fun, don’t really worry about ranks or APMs or stuff like that. I’ll tell you this though, I enjoy when I get the most kills in the game or when my kills are close to matching my team mates, it’s a fun game, not too worried about getting super good at it :+1: oh and I definitely don’t base my self worth on or get proud about a make believe video game, it’s just fun to play… I enjoy it :smiley:


I’ve seen a number of “low APM” challenges, and they are deceptive for a number of reasons. For example, they might keep their APM low during slow parts of the game so they can bust out GM-level APM during the battles. In other words, the average APM isn’t the only relevant information: you also need the variance and the peak. There is no way the variance and peak will be organic in the slightest.

I once challenged everyone in the SC2 community (streamers included) to do a low APM challenge with a program that strictly enforces low APM in the same sense that a true bronze league player would experience. Not a single player even took up the challenge. That right there is all the proof you need that, when it comes right down to it, everyone here knows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that APM=skill.

Bronze league players will do a 2 base robo build and forget to build the robo for a solid 5 minutes. If you think you are going to get GM under these constraints, you are frankly delusional.

(EDIT) A picture is worth a thousand words:


I don’t understand your point. You said:

I agree with that. And, as I said above, only up to some point. 300 APM for diamond players would not give them any advantage over 150 APM player. Your picture only proves that.

Diamond players don’t have 300 APM. APM has a tight correlation with MMR, and 300 APM is GM level APM. There will be basically zero overlap in APM between Diamond and GM.

The problem with discussions such as these is that people aren’t aware of the actual data and what the data says, so they get to make up fictional numbers like “Diamond league players have 300 APM!”. No, they don’t.

Division Games Avg APM Avg APM Protoss Avg APM Terran Avg APM Zerg
unranked 160,094 137.04 113.57 132.00 165.06
bronze 28,624 95.09 80.21 89.88 115.83
silver 81,462 77.65 63.56 70.09 98.82
gold 154,635 91.21 76.45 86.43 112.00
platinum 304,749 112.79 93.34 110.00 134.50
diamond 611,236 156.17 130.33 159.04 182.10
master 290,903 193.89 175.17 201.78 228.97
grandmaster 39,052 269.15 247.32 270.17 310.25

Also, if you think a Diamond league player wouldn’t benefit from 300 APM, that’s straight up delusional. APM is a measure of how well you understand the game since you don’t have to stop and think about what you are doing – you have the correct action memorized. If a Diamond league player had 300 APM, he would be in GM within 100 games.


APM doesnt mean anything. pros spam apm ya clown you even see it, microing and marco is important but in Micro in apm is important but high apm doesnt mean anything. pro players? they are been coached and spam apm always.

i forgot you are a barcode loser who thinks high apm matters

go see low apm challege to GM

i dont waste apm, i uses apm when it needs to be

also you are blind since you call people delusional

go see pro player who stream and you’ll see they spam apm alot