Anyway to gift delux coop commander?

i have a friend that we always play togather,we dont have the buyable version and i want to gift him karax but hey why there is no way for commanders like karax,zagara and others to be gifted?blizzard left sc2 development so is it not time for coop commanders to be free?or at very least all of them become buyable and giftable so that all can enjoy them

If I recall correctly, some of the commanders require legacy of the void and are included with it.

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Buy him LotV campaigns. With her, he would get these four commanders.

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This day in age, you can buy them all a la carte for $5 apiece. If you later on want to buy the corresponding campaigns that they belong to, you get a slight discount to account for such purchases. I say “this day in age” b/c AFAIK, that hasn’t changed. I purchased all COs, but only purchased the WoL campaign (back when it came out in 2011).


yes but the problem is that i cant gift them to anyone!and my friend loves protoss i wanted to gift him vora or karax but there is no way…and thats really bad i mean if we can buy them apart from delux for our selves why cant we gift them to anyone else

Probably the same as with the Nova campaign. There is no gift option because the price of the package depends on the number of campaigns you have. Maybe give him a “saldo - cash amount or gift card” and let him buy it for himself.

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Isn’t there the option to buy as present fron the app?

The obvious alternative here is simply telling your friend you wanted to but it’s not an option, then simply give him the money. Or give you access to his account so you can buy it…

Ya know, being friends and all.

There is an option in app to buy a commander as a gift. But I don’t see Karax available. I suppose that’s because it’s part of the campaign bundle(which also includes Swann, Zagara, Vorazun) for 40 €/USD :thinking:

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Indeed, Karax&Co are not found in the Blizzard app, so not giftable, and ingame there’s no gift option (including on not purchased yet commanders).
The only way to use a gift feature from Blizzard app Shop is probably Blizzard Balance/Gift Balance, then send him the amount to buy the commander himself from the game, if you want him to get that and no more/no less (if more is ok, as it was said before, the commander would be unlocked by the campaign collection, that should be giftable, but cost include other things)

Another is looking into adding money to other people’s Blizzard accounts. “Blizzard bucks”.