Anybody ever Structure Overcharge or Infest Structure Swann's wreckage?

Specifically, his Siege Tank Wreckage, or Thor Wreckage (SO and IS are Alarak and Stukov’s Top Bar CD’s respectively)? I’d imagine it’s a corner/edge case, but would be neat to see if there’s a video of this somewhere.

Can you actually do that? I thought it’d be a unit, rather than a structure.

It burns down as if it were a structure, and it has a debuff icon saying it’s on fire. Not sure if it’s tagged as a structure though

Just tried it out. I can post the Re-Play if you want. The answer is…

No. It says this ability can only target structures. Did it with an ally on Oblivion Express with one of his Thors.

And since it counts the wreck as a unit, I’m assuming Stukov won’t be able to Infest it either, but didn’t test that.


You can use them on stetellites. The odd thing is you used to be able to use those on creep tumors as well, before it was patched out. I think that patch should be reverted now that stetellites get to be overcharged/infested.