Any specific hotkey tips for Alarak?

So ive been really, really enjoying Alarak in coop missions lately but im still relatively new to the game and assigning hotkeys gets a bit overwhelming at times.

Any tips for specific hotkeys would be appreciated. Do I assign my 2 bases on the same hotkey? How should I split my army into groups and control them? Is it even necessary to do that without ascendants in some cases?

Yeah for sure, no reason to keep the Nexi separate from each other.

I keep Alarak on 1, Ascendants if I make them on 2 or MS on 2. That’s usually the basics. You’re welcome to keep army in another group but I find deselecting Alarak is ok with f2.

Some folks who use War Prism also keep those separate for obvious reasons.

Enjoy Alarak.


Personally, I’ve rebound the select hero key to ~ rather than setting the various heroes to 1 at the start of each game. If going the Ascendant route and you split them up into more than one army, then keep each army’s Supplicants in the same control group as well.

If you’re going the mech route, then I’d recommend not splitting the army as much, but grouping any Wrathwalkers in a separate group to control them a bit more.

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If you know tab selection then when you have Alarak and ascendants you can Q and E with alarak then press tab and hit Q on your ascendants or E any hybrid or massive units still alive. Rinse and repeat. You could also use the control group method mentioned by the others before me. Alarak’s army is pretty easy to micro since you just have to micro Alarak and Ascendants, sometimes you can forget about Alarak entirely unless you popped his Empower me and just focus on mircoing your ascendants.

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Will absolutely do

That is something I wanna try

Mmm will have to practice this. Sounds worth it though, considering the giant damage they can output

If you still have some more APM you could also build a couple of War prisms, deploy them on the front lines, and use your unused structure overcharge charges on them so they will add more DPS. Though be careful when using this tactic especially if there is an enemy wave you can’t intercept right away. It may leave you defenseless.

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One thing to keep in mind is keeping Alarak alive and/or having Supplicants around if you’re using war prism. What I’ve seen numerous times is an Overcharged War Prism that is doing its job but dies to Alarak’s Sacrifice.


It’s up to you, really. Everyone has their own hotkey setups. I have my F4 disabled (as that’s used for top bar for me), so I have my whole army on 1, mech/ascendants/havocs on 2, War Prism on 3, and then mission bonus units (namely the truck from Cradle) on 4. Nexi on 0, Robos on 9, Forges on 8. That’s all I need.
Abilities are bound to QWER format for ease of access, except for Sacrifice. Rapidfire set to QW for easier Ascendant management.

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I’m not a wizard at this game but I can handle brutal no issues. I put Alarak on 1, Ascendants on 2, Warm Prisms on 3. Yes I F2 select most of my army and I’m not sorry about it.

It probably goes back to my Warcraft 3 days but I limit myself to 3 army hot keys.

With WC3 I always had:

  1. Melee hero + melee units on 1
  2. Ranged hero + range unit on 2
  3. Spell Caster units on 3.
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Ah, yes. My favorite of the units in Alarak’s arsenal. The Warm Prism!


I’m not changing it.


You see, it’s simply a reference to how spicy they are when you deploy them with an overcharge. It’s really quite clever, yes, I see where Falcon was clearly intentionally going with this, ahuh, yup.

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At least it can keep your army warm in warp-transit~

The existence of Warm Prism implies there is Cold Prism, and a series of other such prisms such as the fabled Lukewarm Prism.

Regular Warp Prisms, they’re so wishy washy that none of the commanders thought it was worthwhile to use.

Void Prisms, Vorazun’s Stalkers agree with me there.

Guess that’s why Cold is the Void, hahahah.

Well those little balls it shoots would at least feel warm when it hits the enemy so it’s not a wrong name to give it.

I guess void arrays are creepy prisms? With all that creepy wormhole shenanigans and spooky shield regen field it makes when deployed.

Cold Prism: Projects cold power field. All units within power field are cold, have their movement / attack speed reduced by 50%.

So best to project over enemy units.

Warm Prism: Units feel a comfortable warmth, and attack / move 10% faster within the power field. So friendly buff

Heat Prism: Units feel a searing heat within power field and take 10 damage per second but movement / attack speed is increased by 20% in the mean time. So it’s a mixed bag.